Friday, September 2, 2011

Abortion in the Hood, A Matter of Choice or Survival?

Those are strong words. They are words of truth. The black community has been targeted by the abortion industry and we have been targeted to such an extent that choice has been erased. Don’t believe it? Look at the facts. Just this week Life Dynamics issued this report: Racial Profiling by Planned Parenthood and the American Abortion Lobby Documented (, that clearly and irrefutably shows that race is a factor in the location of abortion clinics around the nation. Take a look at the data from almost every state that reports abortion data by race – there is a clear pattern of black babies being aborted at two to four times the presence of blacks in the population of each state (

For more than thirty eight years, the abortion industry has preyed upon those found in urban neighborhoods, feasting off blood of the more than twenty million black babies that have died in abortion chambers across the nation. And still they clamor for more, arguing that their targeting is a matter of choice when in fact it is a matter of genocide. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a sitting Justice since 1993, told us so two years ago in her interview with the New York Times Magazine (A Place of Women on the Court .
Clearly there is and was a need to do something different to shine a light on this dark agenda of the abortion industry. And we did. Several black prolife leaders joined me in an initiative to reach an untapped, but influential sphere of influence in the black community – the barber and hairstylist. Arnold Culbreath of Protecting Black Life, Dean Nelson of CareNet, Christina Martina of Bound for Life Atlanta, Alveda King of Priests for Life and other leaders convened at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show at the Georgia World Congress Center to participate in the Sampson Project – an outreach to those in the hair care field. We did not go to talk politics. We did not go to debate using the abortion rhetoric of today. We did not go to spin a yarn based on hype. We went to call attention to the leading cause of death in the black community. We went to awaken these influencers to the depopulation effect of abortion in America’s oldest minority community. We went to call attention to the loss of our legacy, our strength in abortion clinics across America. We went to enlist the aid of those who can make a difference in the fight while bringing clarity to the issue of abortion’s eugenics roots.

And we succeeded. More than a thousand make-up artists, nail technicians, hairstylists and barbers from 34 states and two nations (England and Canada) agreed to talk about the real purpose of abortion in America. Each one agreed to watch the documentary MAAFA 21 and to talk about it and the facts as presented in the packet of information we gave them. We showed them these statistics while having real life talks with them:

As they searched for their states' numbers looks of unbelief and sometimes horror flooded their faces. They began to understand the real impact abortion is having on the black community and we could see a new determination to get a better understanding of abortion and its roots in the American culture.

Many of those that stopped at the booth had their own story to tell. There were some that came to have prayer because they had urged an abortion upon their child. There were others that had abortions themselves and finally, could talk about it. There were those whose family members had abortions, one man reported his sister had eleven! There were those who called themselves pro-choice, but came away from the booth with a clearer picture of how abortion was being used as an instrument to control the black birth rate rather than an agent of a woman’s right to choose. There were pastors and bishops that were able to see that abortion in the black community is no civil right, but is a population control tool that is successfully decimating communities of color.

The three days that many sacrificed to participate in this outreach immediately bore fruit as more than a thousand new voices have been added to the great awakening, the third wave of advocates that now know abortion is no friend of women, especially women in communities of color. You may know barbers and hairdressers that would like to have this information in their hands. Contact the Restoration Project at to request more information.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Abortion by the Numbers

Before we begin, let us set aside our normal arguments for or against abortion. If we cannot do this, the message will get lost in the rhetoric and we will not be able to see clearly. In order to remove the smoke that is obscuring our vision, let us simply set it aside leaving the rhetoric for another time. When we do, we will find one certain thing - something is terribly wrong. The numbers do not lie no matter how some may try to manipulate them to support their position on this volatile issue. The numbers of abortions on black women, in the states where we can access the data, are so disproportionately high; we must begin to examine the root cause. For the sake of this discussion, let's keep the focus narrow for now, contrasting New York City and Georgia.

In 2009, there were 68203 viable pregnancies among black women of child bearing age in New York City. Of that number, 40,798 ended in one of the abortion centers in the City. In other words more black babies were aborted than born alive in New York City. This is a horrifying number. It actually means that not enough black babies are being born to keep the percentage of blacks in New York City the same as it was reported by the U. S. Census bureau in previous years. I wondered aloud how long the numbers in New York City had been upside down. I wish I had not wondered because as I dug into them what I found has broken my heart and almost my spirit.

The abortion rate for blacks in New York City has exceeded the birth rate for at least a decade. I could not bring myself to look at 1999 and before, because my breath was taken away when I saw the numbers for the past ten years. Prior to digging into the New York numbers, my breath had been taken by the numbers I found in Georgia and it was Georgia's numbers that caused me to take a stand. For more than fifteen years abortions performed on black Georgia women has exceeded 50% and for the past ten years, the numbers have exceeded 55% each and every year. For nine of the past ten years, twenty five percent or more of the pregnancies in Georgia's black community ended in abortion.

New York City has very few, if any laws, regulating abortion. In fact, one opinion piece in the New York Post dubbed New York the abortion capitol of the nation. Georgia on the other hand has several abortion restrictions including 24 hour waiting period, parental notification, ultra-sound and woman's right to know laws. These incremental measures were designed to slow the growth of abortion, however, black Georgia women have consistently lead in the number of abortions for more than fifteen years. The abortion rate in Georgia's black community has not decreased but has consistently remained high. Something is wrong, terribly wrong.

These horrifying statistics have not changed the abortion debate, however, and it continues to be clouded in the rhetoric of abortion rights. Even some blacks have excused the stats, disguising the issue in civil rights terms. Those that have been dubbed by the media and others the leaders of the black community spout rhetoric that encourages rather than discourages abortion in the black community. Black elected officials readily accept money from the largest abortion provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood, and some even stand in the august corridors of the Congress proclaiming a message that again, encourages rather than discourages abortion. The betrayal of the black community runs deep. Even the black media has failed to look deeper than the surface of this issue. They too fail to warn or even call attention to the numbers in a meaningful way.

Right before our eyes is all kinds of information that points to one root cause of the high abortion rate in the black community: eugenics. Those deemed leaders in the black community have failed to acknowledge Planned Parenthood's role in that movement or Margaret Sanger's disdain for the black race. In fact, some even go so far as to excuse her "Negro Project" calling her and the project a product of her time. And many in leadership roles, especially those elected to protect the interest of their constituents, have sold out for peanuts, the lives and welfare of those that elected them to serve. Most if not all of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to continue funding the one abortion provider that has proclaimed to the nation its desire to control the birth rate of the black community through abortion (see Planned Parenthood's 2009 tax return). Yet they want us to believe that CBC Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver II's statement in a April 2011 interview with Ebony magazine to be true: " is our job to ensure that the cuts don't adversely affect minorities and poor people".

In fact, the CBC was willing to allow the government to shut down, standing strong with Harry Reid who proclaimed the budget matter one of ideology over the funding of Planned Parenthood. Not one member of the Caucus pointed to abortion's impact on blacks or Planned Parenthood's role in keeping the numbers high. Instead they toed the party line, willing to allow the depopulation of the black communityt to continue, even if it meant putting hundreds of thousands of blacks out of work. In light of these numbers, where is the action of the black caucus to protect blacks from the destruction of abortion?

Yes, the New York Times and other media want us to believe New York's five percent decline in the black population in the City is due to migration. But those of us that have seen the numbers understand that the truth of abortion's population control impact on the black community. The five percent decline in New York City's population is due to abortion and we must face that fact head on.

The black community must come together and stop this madness. What is the magic number that will cause blacks to take action against this medical procedure that has proven to be the greatest genocidal instrument in America? How long will it be before blacks awaken to abortion's destruction? How many more states and cities need to mirror Georgia and New York City before we stand up and say no more? I pray that the number is 0. What say you?


Friday, April 1, 2011

To My Sisters: We Made God Cry

The other day a storm blew through metro Atlanta. It was a fierce storm that rattled the windows and shook the doors. It woke me from a sound sleep. I could hear the rain pounding the ground in buckets, the lightning was flashing intermittently as the thunder roared. As I settled back down I began to dream. In it I saw the most heartbreaking, gut wrenching scene - I saw God with His head thrown back and streams of tears pouring from His eyes. His tears were so prolific they were like buckets of rain hitting the earth. His mouth was contorted as if in the deepest agony and each time He cried out it sounded like thunder. His fists were clenched as if enduring the most excruciating pain. Each time He lifted His hands and dropped them, bolts of lightning fell to the earth. Clearly centered in His bosom, closest to His heart were millions of babies that had died in the abortion clinics.

I woke up understanding that God was not pleased with us, we had made Him cry. As I came out of my sleep I knew that a measure of God's anguish was because we refused to look at the truth He had provided repeatedly. I felt an alarm going off in my heart and I heard these words: something is wrong, very wrong. I heard Eddie James in my head singing: "Sound the alarm and gather the people, gather the elders, let the ministers wail".

But how do we sound the alarm in a culture that has been indoctrinated to believe a lie? Just yesterday I watched a clip of Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, spinning a yarn that taking Title X money from Planned Parenthood would deny women access to mammograms, a service that Planned Parenthood does not provide. In recent years, Live Action, an organization out of California headed by Lila Rose, has exposed the many lies that Planned Parenthood tells including this most recent one about mammograms, and yet there are those that argue they are a champion of women. Despite recorded evidence that Planned Parenthood would take money to kill black babies, many still believe Planned Parenthood is a friend to blacks. Despite recorded evidence that Planned Parenthood counsels pimps and sex traffickers on how to avoid state and federal laws, there are those that still champion the cause of that agency as a friend of women. Despite news reports that the organization has changed its business model to increase the numbers of abortions on women, there are those that want us to believe that Planned Parenthood's business model is to provide reproductive health services to women, i.e. pap smears, cancer screenings and the like.

Normally we would look to the media to expose the truth or lies of assertions such as these. After all, it was the media that exposed Nixon's corruption. Remember "Deep Throat" and the Watergate scandal? It was the media that held Clinton accountable for his sexual encounters with a woman young enough to be his daughter. Yet in this instance the media has not warned women or even reported the truth. They have taken the active role of promoting the yarns that Planned Parenthood spins. The media even abdicated its responsibility to clean up the so called misstatements of spokespersons like Cecile Richards. Instead they join with the deception repeating it time and again as if it is truth rather than fabrication. The media has become the vehicle that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers drive in their effort to keep abortion unfettered in America.

Normally we could look to the elected officials to sound the alarm about issues that directly affect their constituents. However, in this instance, the unmasking of the abortion industry, we have been betrayed. Many of the elected officials put in place to represent our interests have joined forces with those perpetrating the myth that abortion is woman friendly, for example, Congresswoman Gwen Moore from Wisconsin. Blacks are 6.2% of the population of Wisconsin, yet almost 25% of the 8,299 abortions in that state were on black women. That is more than three times their representation in the population! Something is wrong, very wrong with that picture. Yet congresswoman Moore stood on the floor of the U.S. Congress and sang the praises of Planned Parenthood, who would have aborted her children had she gone to them since that is the only service they offer a woman whose temporary economic condition would make it a struggle to provide for their children. At 18, Congresswoman Moore states she was poor, did not have a dime to call an ambulance. However, today, she walks the corridors of one of the most powerful governmental bodies in the world, making a six figure salary. I wonder if she really believes that abortion was a better option for her than the lives of her three children.

So I write to sound the alarm. Something is wrong, terribly wrong when across the nation black women are entering the abortion clinics at three, four and even five times their representation of the population. Something is wrong, terribly wrong, when even the black media and black elected officials will not sound the alarm. We are making God cry. Perhaps today will be the day that we say no more.

Friday, March 25, 2011

To My Sisters: Let’s Talk About It

There are some words that once spoken, cause a reaction. Abortion is one of those words. Simply speaking the word out loud in front of some would be cause for debate. Within moments of the word being uttered, the rhetoric would begin to fly with the rapidity of firing an AK-47. Those for abortion would fire off their arguments in pro-abortion language and those against abortion would fire off their arguments in prolife language. Within nanoseconds of its introduction, the conversation would no longer be about abortion, but would morph into a discussion about the economy, contraception or social justice concerns, i.e. you don't care about the children that are here. If someone were to attempt to bring the discussion back to abortion, again, it would soon become a discussion of everything but the topic at hand. Yet the discussion must be had. So how do we do it?

I urge you, with all urgency, to get these side discussions out of your system before we begin. The discussion to which you are being invited is not about contraception. It is not about the economic concerns of those seeking the abortion. The discussion is not about the social justice concerns that plague black folk in America. This discussion is about abortion and its impact on women and the black community. So if you must, get in the mirror and argue the other issues out. Get all the rhetoric out of your system and then prepare to join us for a real look at abortion in America in the 21st century.

In preparation for our discussion, homework is required. There is a bevy of information that should be considered. Let's start with the numbers. New York City is the most extreme example of abortion out of control. In 2009, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1489 died in an abortion chamber ( In Georgia more than 59% are performed on black women ( In Alabama (( than 57% of the abortions are on black women. In Mississippi ( the number jumps to more than 78% on women of color (Mississippi has only a 2.7% Latino population). There is a pattern no matter where you look across the country of abortions being performed on black women at three, four and five times their rate in the population of each state. I recommend you take a look for yourself.

Contrary to the claims of the National Abortion Federation and other abortion providers, abortion, is not among the safest medical procedure available. Abortion is a surgical procedure that has left a wake of dead and reproductively maimed women across the nation. Horror stories like that out of Philadelphia ( are just the tip of the iceberg in the discussion of how women and children have suffered at the hands of abortionists throughout the nation. Kermit Gosnell, Stephen Brigham, Bertha Bugarin, James Pendergraft, Eileen Riley, Nicola Riley, Andrew Sutherland, Arturo Apolinario, Albert Dworkin, Rapin Osathanondh, Tyrone Malloy
and George Shepard, are just a few of a growing list of abortionists that have killed or reproductively maimed women. Perforated uterus/bowel, pulling out of the intestines, spreading venereal disease through unclean instruments and leaving parts of babies in utero are just a few of the complaints about these abortionists, some of whom have never been licensed to practice medicine in any state. None of these abortionists had the woman's health interest at heart. Most were in it for the multi millions of dollars they reaped. No one warned the women not to seek the services of these butchers, including the National Abortion Federation that visited Kermit Gosnell's clinic in 2009.

In addition to the reproductive maiming that happens across the nation, women are subjected to an increased risk of breast cancer as a result of their induced abortions According to available information "Seventy-two epidemiological studies have been conducted since 1957; and 80% of these studies have shown that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer independently of the effect of delaying the birth of a first child." Further information found in health care publications demonstrates an increased incidence of extreme premature birth risk for women with prior induced abortion as well as an increased risk of autism and cerebral palsy for subsequent children And, few if any, discuss or research the psychological impact, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, abortion has had on women ( or those that attempt or succeed at suicide after an abortion Another well-kept secret of the dark side of abortion is that more than 64% of the women obtaining an abortion were coerced – by a parent, the father of the child, a minister or some other person in a trust relationship with the woman.

Abortion hurts women, and every day the degree of harm is becoming clearer. Whether the harm is inflicted through the abortionist, or the risks that come after, we may never know the extent of the harm because the statistics are not collected. We may never know the number of women that have been reproductively maimed and today want children but cannot have them because of a prior induced abortion(s). We may never know the numbers of women that have died at the abortionist's hand, because the abortionist covered his/her tracks by calling the death something other than what it was – a botched abortion. We may never have an accurate count of the number of women now suffering from breast cancer (or who have died from breast cancer) because we refuse to discuss the clearly documented link between induced abortion and breast cancer. Abortion hurts women and we must begin to talk about it.

Just recently, USA today featured an article: Black Population falls in major cities ( Using the recently released 2010 census data, the article pointed to a host of reasons for the decline. What the article failed to include as a discussion point was the impact abortion has had on the decline in the black race across America. All but seven states have experienced some decline in the black population. Only four of the seven saw some degree of increase. These are all matters that we must set aside political doctrine to discuss since the facts reveal we are indeed into depopulation - black genocide. Sisters, lets' talk about it.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Open Letter to African Americans – Can We Have the Conversation?

Every day, all across America, more than 1500 black babies die in the abortion chambers that dot urban areas where blacks reside. In state after state, the numbers of abortions performed on black women are 2, 3, 4 sometimes even 6 times the number of blacks in the population in that state. In New York City, and perhaps other states that do not publish abortion data by race (CA, IL and FL for example) more black babies are aborted than are born alive.

Recent news out of states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana are horrifying. We are learning that many abortionists are little more than butchers, flagrantly disregarding state and federal laws that establish medical standards of care. These abortion dens do not have medical equipment available to take blood pressure, dispense oxygen or any other lifesaving procedures for those women that are over medicated or reproductively maimed when the abortionist punctures their womb, or pulls out their intestines. Many of these butchers are not even licensed to practice medicine (,,!

Organizations such as the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood are reported to inspect many of these clinics but there is no evidence they have warned one woman not to seek services from these abortionists. Claiming that abortion is one of the "safest medical procedures provided in the United States", these organizations cover up the horrific conditions of clinics all across America. They rabidly promote unfettered abortion, despite reports of women dying in these abortuaries (,,, and women being maimed through careless and negligent medical procedures (,,

Undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood demonstrate a willingness on their part to take money to abort black children ( Other videos show their proclivity to cover up sexual abuse of minors ( and to counsel sex traffickers on avoiding state and federal laws ( There are reports that sixty four percent of all abortions are coerced (

So who is it that is most harmed by abortion? The numbers do not lie. Black women all over the nation are dying from abortion, are being reproductively maimed from abortion, and are being coerced into abortion at greater rates than their Latina, Asian or Caucasian counterparts. Abortions hurts women, and black women are leading in the number of injuries. Yet many of us refuse to look at this issue. Abortion has been shrouded in women's rights for more than thirty eight years and now, the industry is attempting to connect abortion to civil rights. Pro-abortion forces have characterized abortion as the friend of the black woman, skillfully weaving stories of reproductive rights that include the abortion scenario. To them truth is of no consequence as long as abortion is not regulated and black women continue to "choose" to terminate the lives of their children.

Pro-abortion forces are now turning their sights toward stopping any assistance that might convince the woman to keep her child. Pregnancy centers are being attacked through City Council legislation in New York City and Baltimore. Reports are that they the pro-abortion forces are seeking to introduce similar legislation all around the country, demonstrating NARAL's and Planned Parenthood's determination to keep "choice" synonymous with abortion. It is these same pregnancy centers that serve mostly black and brown women, providing clothing, car seats, high chairs and other resources needed to help with a live child.

Sisters, let's talk about this. Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger's depopulation plan that she called the Negro Project is succeeding. Only we can stop it. Let's talk about it.




Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Visible Invisibles – An Open Letter to America’s Black Community

This is an article about abortion, and those most impacted by the industry. This is a chronicle about the visible invisibles - those who are seen, but literally not recognized.

In July 2010, the New York Post ran an op-ed titled Where New York's not Proud to Lead ( ). The opinion piece called attention to New York City's 2008 abortion rate, a statistic that took my breath away. Black women in New York City are aborting more of their children than are born alive. For every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1,280 died in New York's abortion dens. I did not hear about this issue in July. It did not make its way into my hands until November and when it did, though stunned, I sent the article to every leader I knew was in the fight for life. But there was no outcry, no sweeping move across the country to stop abortion in its tracks because of its discriminatory impact and fifteen hundred black babies would die in abortion dens across the nation that day and every day.

The next bit of news out of New York was more disturbing. The New York City Council had introduced a bill that would have the effect of shutting down pregnancy centers by requiring them to post notices that they do not perform abortions or provide birth control. The bill actually assigns jail time to those found to violate it, up to six months of jail time. The pregnancy centers are a resource to women that decide to have their babies. The centers provide clothing, car seats, and most if not all the tools needed to help the mom with her newborn. Members of New York's pregnancy center community report that upwards of 80% of those helped by the clinics are African American. The New York City Council, including all of the black elected representatives, have made it clear that they do not want these women to have any assistance to help them keep their babies. They have made it clear that choice only means taking the life of the child. But there was no outcry, no sweeping move across the City to stop the bill in its tracks because of its discriminatory impact and fifteen hundred black babies would die in abortion dens across the nation that day and every day.

Within days of my hearing about bill number 371, New York released its 2009 abortion statistics. The number of black babies dying in abortion mills had increased! For every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1,489 were dying at the abortionist's hand. In a flurry of press releases, attention was called to the fact that forty one percent of New York City pregnancies end in abortion. Discussion was had about the teen pregnancy rate in New York City. More discussion was had about abortion's impact on the Latino community as many of their leaders began to cry foul. But there was no outcry, no sweeping move across the country to stop abortion in its tracks because of its discriminatory impact and fifteen hundred black babies would die in abortion dens across the nation that day and every day.

The nation was stunned when news out of Philadelphia revealed a modern day "house of horrors" lead by abortionist Kermit Gosnell. From spreading sexually transmitted diseases, to blood splattered equipment and jars of baby body parts, the story was more gruesome than some of Hollywood's best horror stories. Every article referenced that he served black and brown women. Despite complaints over more than 15 years, neither the City nor state intervened to stop his butchering of women. The fact that the National Abortion Federation visited the abortion den and did nothing to warn the black and brown women has not been a source of outrage for the black community. There has been no outcry, no sweeping move across the country to stop abortion in its tracks because of its discriminatory impact and fifteen hundred black babies would die in abortion dens across the nation that day and every day.

Former Senator Rick Santorum began a debate by criticizing President Barrack Obama for supporting abortion, believing that as a black man and "as a civil rights and constitutional lawyer, [he] should be sensitive to how we define people." Al Sharpton immediately took the Senator to task in a national debate on the Hannity show. But Mr. Sharpton did not raise a hue and cry about the numbers of blacks dying in abortion mills across the country. Instead he defended the so called right to choose. So there has been no outcry, no sweeping move across the country to stop abortion in its tracks because of its discriminatory impact and fifteen hundred black babies would die in abortion dens across the nation that day and every day.

In state after state the number of abortions performed on black women is three or more times higher than their representation in the population. Yet, there are those on both sides of the issue that do not want the light to shine on the darkness that is abortion. Pro-abortion allies cry foul, saying the prolife community is racializing abortion. Black and white pro-lifers are uncomfortable shining the spotlight on the impact that abortion is having on the black community. Some pro-lifers do not want us to talk about the ethnicity of those most harmed by abortion, preferring that we use language inclusive of all babies. Neither side wants us to talk about abortion, eugenics or genocide in the same breath with African American. So there has been no outcry, no sweeping move across the country to stop abortion in its tracks because of its discriminatory impact and fifteen hundred black babies will die in abortion dens across the nation today and every day.

On the last day of black history month, February 28, 2011, hundreds of blacks gathered across fourteen states to mourn the loss of black lives to the abortion industry. Women are still dying, not as a result of a coat hanger, but at the hands of butchers called abortionists. Women are being reproductively maimed in the name of choice, as their bowels are perforated and intestines pulled out. Hysterectomies are happening all across the nation, as the real doctors attempt to repair the damage done at the abortionist hands. Yet, we did not hear about the Day of Mourning through the mainstream media, they blacked us out, not willing to risk shining the light on how anti-woman the abortion industry is. And as has been the case for the past 38 years, we do not hear about the discriminatory impact of abortion and the fifteen hundred black babies that die in abortion dens every day.

Blacks are seen going into the abortion clinic every day at a greater rate than any other ethnic group. We see it, but don't recognize it. And because we don't recognize it, the visible invisibles abort fifteen hundred black babies every day and there is no outcry, no sweeping move across the country to stop abortion in its tracks. Shhh. Don't suggest that blacks are being targeted by the abortion industry. We see it, but don't recognize it, and because we don't recognize it. . .

Monday, January 17, 2011

New York, New York… What a Deadly Town

It has been a while since I blogged. I have been deep into writing my book, The Fight for Life, Taking it to the Streets. But I had a recent experience that has caused me to set the book aside for a day to write about a New York that has become foreign to me.

Back in the day, the really cool kids skipped school, jumped into Cynthia Bowser’s mustang and rode to New York to eat chicken and waffles at Sylvia’s on 125th street. Our biggest worry back then was whether we would get caught and grounded or worse, a whipping. We never did get caught so our trips were frequent and the taste of the chicken and waffles was sweet. When Chris Slattery of New York’s Expectant Mother Centers offered to take us to Sylvia’s, I was glad to go hoping the visit would evoke pleasant memories of those sweet chicken and waffles breakfasts we had enjoyed back then. Unfortunately, it did not. Mostly because things are always better in memory than reality and also because our purpose for being in New York weighed heavy on my heart. We were not skipping school as we had back in the day, but were there to rally black Pastor’s and leaders to address an awful piece of legislation that would deprive women of an alternative to abortion.

In a city known as the abortion capitol of America, one would think that any help that might be offered to a pregnant woman would be welcomed. Not so in New York City. The blood lusting machine of abortion is not satisfied that forty percent of the pregnancies in the City end in abortion - they want more. The money making machine of the abortionist is not satisfied that seventy nine percent of the abortions in the City are performed on black and Latino women. They want more. The eugenics loving machine of abortion is not satisfied that more black babies are aborted in the City than are born alive. They want more. The elitists of the City are not sad that 3.4 million black and latino babies have died in New York since the early 1970s. They want more.

In order to make sure they get more, NARAL, Planned Parenthood and others have joined together in a macabre dance with New York City Council members Kathleen Quinn and Jennifer Lapin, to propose a bill (#371) that would require pregnancy centers to post notices that they do not perform abortions or distribute birth control. Why is this seemingly innocuous requirement troublesome? It is troublesome because the abortionist wants to deter any woman seeking help with her pregnancy from getting it. They know that women going into one of the pregnancy centers more likely than not will decide to keep her child and this decision goes against what the abortionist deems as choice. No matter how far along a woman is in her pregnancy, the abortion hungry industry encourages the abortion rather than one of the other options such as keeping the baby or adoption.

All across America, cities are tracking to catch and/or surpass New York in the area of abortion. The numbers are astounding, shocking, and in many places undeterred because the culture has become so desensitized to death by abortion. Very few question why Planned Parenthood’s business model continues to escalate the numbers of abortions being performed as they build larger and larger facilities in which to perform them. Very few question why NARAL and other abortion proponents refuse to tell women the dire consequences of abortion – infertility, cancer and even death as they strategize on ways to increase the numbers of abortions being performed. Very few question the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood ads to draw black women into their clinics “for free” services under the guise of choice. As this most recent attack against pregnancy centers reveals, the pro-abortion forces consider “choice” to be “choice” only when it ends in the death of the child even if it includes the death of the woman as was the case with Alexandra Nunez just about a year ago.

Sylvia’s food did not taste quite as sweet on this visit to New York. With my own eyes, I saw that Leonard Bernstein’s New York is indeed a “helluva town” for black and latino babies that die at the abortionist’s hand. Unlike Frank Sinatra’s New York, black and latino babies cannot "make it there". Their mothers are being enticed into the clinics where they obtain the “excellent results” the abortionist advertises in latino papers throughout the City – the death of their baby. May God hear our prayers and stir the hearts of Pastors and Leaders across the City to rise up and take a stand before the abortionist succeeds in killing all the babies of New York. Perhaps on my next visit, the bill(#371) will have died so I can again enjoy Sylvias' chicken and waffles. May God make it so.