Friday, July 28, 2017

Silent Protest 2017

One hundred years ago today, as Google pointed out, ten thousand Black men and women held a silent march in New York City. They marched in protest of the lynchings and violence heaped upon Blacks across America. The women wore white representing innocence and the men wore black, mourning the loss of lives and violence plaguing Blacks in America. While they did not chant or speak or sing, they did carry banners, two of which were prominently displayed: “Thou shalt Not Kill” and “Your Hands Are Full of Blood”. Slogans just as appropriate today as they were 100 years ago.

Since its founding in 1916 the Birth Control League, whose name changed to Planned Parenthood in the 1940s, has waged a birth and population control war against women of color. In doing so, their organization has created one of the greatest health care crises this nation has known. Black women ten or more years after their abortion decision find themselves in a fight for their lives battling breast cancer,  the second most common cause of cancer death among black women according to Sisters Network. When pregnant with their “planned” children, the ones they want, the CDC warns Black women may find themselves at greater risk for extreme premature birth, the kind most babies do not survive (27 weeks or less). Yet the CDC has not published the settled science information that reveals  previous induced abortions are a risk factor  for premature birth in subsequent pregnancies.

When visiting one of the Planned Parenthood surgical centers located within two miles of their homes, Black women are exposed to medical conditions that may result in infertility and death. Once inspected some of those facilities, like the Planned Parenthood in  St. Louis, are cited for failing to meet recognized medical standards including washing hands and sterilizing the instruments between procedures. Because of the stigma associated with abortion, most women do not feel free to discuss the botched abortion that left them with parts of the baby that had to be removed in a hospital emergency setting. Moreover, some have been killed in a Planned Parenthood center due to poor medical care such as Tonya Reaves who was left to bleed for more than five hours before emergency care was sought. Too little. Too late.

There is no way to measure the numbers of women whose uteri were perforated, bowels pulled out, or who experienced incomplete abortions. We cannot measure the numbers of those who found themselves infected with STDs, bacterial infections and the like because of their abortion decision. Those numbers are not reported nor are they collected. What is known is that thousands, if not millions of Black women have been injured, some psychologically and most physically since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

When states have dared to fight to regulate the abortion industry in the same manner that any other surgical facility is regulated, Planned Parenthood has fought tooth and nail to keep their facilities in squalid conditions. Citing a lack of access to women of color, as they did in the Hellerstedt v. Whole Women's Health case, they refused to raise their clinics to ambulatory surgical levels, and refused to meet requirements that doctors have admitting profiles in nearby hospitals.

It is time for another silent protest, first of the government (for refusing to defund Planned Parenthood) and second, Planned Parenthood who receives half a billion taxpayer dollars as they increase their abortion business that is increasingly hurting women of color. On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 join me in a silent protest. Ladies were white to commemorate the innocence and lives of the babies Planned Parenthood slaughters in their surgical centers. Men wear black to mourn the lives of the millions of Black babies and their mothers that have died at the hands of a Planned Parenthood abortionist. In every post on social media use the hashtag #endthegenocide

From 12 noon to 1:00 pm EST  do not speak, and let us use that hour to pray. First for the babies, then for their mothers, then for the families that abortion has injured. Let us pray for an end to this scourge.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

President Trump Are You Really Listening

I received an email inviting me to participate in President Trump’s “Listening to America Survey to tell me the true sentiments, concerns, and interests of REAL America”. I should have realized it was nothing more than a fundraising ploy, but I did not and took some of my time to complete all the questions hoping against hope that someone might truly read it and “listen”. After all, the tag line of the email was “why don’t they EVER listen”.

During his campaign, President Trump pledged “ to do everything I can to continue that promise of freedom for African-Americans”. He has a huge opportunity to keep that pledge.

There is a systemic evil running amok in America’s political landscape. This evil specifically allows the targeting of women of color. Members of the American government, both Congressmen and Senators seemingly are okay with the targeting. They appear reluctant to reallocate the federal dollars the organization receives. This reluctance is growing into resistance as the organization calls in the many political favors they have spent years cultivating. So confident are they that their lies of reproductive justice are being accepted, they have come together and called on elected officials whose campaigns they underwrote to prosecute the undercover journalist who exposed the seedier side of their business - the selling of baby body parts. So confident are they, they readily signal the nation they are eliminating the weeds their founder identified when she launched the Negro Project in 1939. “Lack of access to reproductive healthcare” has become just as dark as the Black  code tht ruled the land for more than 90 years. 

Their aging abortionists are sending more and more women to area hospitals for emergency care. They refuse to report the many sexual predators who escort their underage victims and sex trafficked victims into abortion facilities to abort the evidence of sexual abuse. Their nurses quit for fear of losing their licenses because of the squalid conditions found in their centers. When inspected, states find them failing to meet even basic medical standards such as washing their hands and sterilizing the instruments between procedures. And, they are constructing larger and larger surgical facilities in communities of color, carrying out their founder’s vital mission of controlling the Black birthrate.

They have withheld essential information from the women they are targeting. They deny the link between abortion and breast cancer despite numerous studies that confirm it from around the world including China the world’s abortion capital. Today one in eight American women have breast cancer, a fact The National Center for Biotechnology Information declares is an epidemic. They rarely if ever discuss the 150 studies that confirm a link between abortion and premature birth in subsequent pregnancies, even though premature birth is a direct contributor to the increasing infant mortality rate. Black women are facing extreme premature births (less than 27 weeks) in subsequent pregnancies.

Most, if not all of their customers are not aware of the numbers of women that have died because of a botched abortion. Women like Cree Erwin, Tonya Reaves, and Edrica Goode.

As Planned Parenthood grows more and more callous little black and brown babies and sometimes their mothers are being sacrificed in the name of women’s rights. President Trump if you are truly listening and truly committed  to doing everything you can to ensure the promise of freedom, you can start by stopping Planned Parenthood’s targeting. Urge the Senate to reallocate the more than half billion dollars they receive. #defundPlannedParenthood #Enough #stopthegenocide

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Planned Parenthood Pink: Mother’s Day Massacre and Beyond

Abortion’s underbelly is raw and oozing filth. Festering in that underbelly are a host of unacceptable, even squalid facilities, that one former abortion center worker says “even the demons in hell are not exposed to”. Like others in America’s elite community, abortionists have no qualms in experimenting on women of color – subjecting them to the same hazardous and squalid conditions some claim were eradicated when abortion moved out of the back alley and into the centers that dot Black and Latino neighborhoods.

One such experiment was the "Mother’s Day Massacre” .  Harvey Karman, an abortionist who faked his medical credentials, created a device called the supercoil that International Planned Parenthood paid him to test in Bangladesh. The experiment went awry and women were injured.  In 1972, Karman joined Kermit Gosnell, who later ran Philadelphia’s house of horror  , to try the device on American women. They bussed fifteen Black women in their second trimester of pregnancy from Chicago to Philadelphia. Once there, the ‘super coil’ was placed inside their wombs and nine of the fifteen were seriously injured. The supercoil, according to testimony to the grand jury in Gosnell’s 2013 murder trial, “…was a device that he and [Karman] were working on that was supposed to be plastic – basically plastic razors that were formed into a ball. All right. They were coated into a gel, so that they would remain closed. These would be inserted into the woman’s uterus. And after several hours of body temperature, it would then – the gel would melt and these 97 things would spring open, supposedly cutting up the fetus, and the fetus would be expelled.”

Gosnell fled the country for a while, vacationing in the Bahamas. Karman was prosecuted and did a short stint in jail for practicing medicine without a license. In 2008 when he died, one Planned Parenthood director celebrated him stating he did “more for safe abortion around the world than practically any other person in the world.” The fact that so many Black and Bangladeshi women were injured by his “invention” was of no concern to the purveyors of abortion. As America ‘s elite has done in most experiments on people of color (Tuskegee Syphilis Study 1932-1972; Puerto Rican Cancer Study – 1931), they quietly pushed  the story to the back burner and abortionists continued plying their wares in squalid, unclean environments.

Planned Parenthood is one of those purveyors of abortion in unclean, sometimes squalid conditions. They target women of color. Like Gosnell, Planned Parenthood lures women of color into their facilities and their shoddy healthcare has resulted in the deaths and serious injury of women who trusted them with their “reproductive healthcare”. Once every few weeks, sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors report the increasing numbers of patients evacuated from a Planned Parenthood by ambulance: New York, Connecticut, Missouri, California, Illinois, Michigan, to name a few. When states dare to inspect Planned Parenthood facilities, many are cited for unsafe medical conditions including failure to wash hands between procedures and failure to sterilize instruments.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards spins a narrative that women of color will be denied access to reproductive healthcare if her organization loses the more than half billion dollars of taxpayer money they receive each and every year. She repeatedly ignores the fact that 79% or more of her surgical abortion facilities are located in the very neighborhoods where these women live and many of them do not provide the healthcare she claims these women will lose if taxpayer  funds  are reallocated. She ignores her own records that reveal Planned Parenthood: reached a half million fewer clients in the past six years; completed 60% fewer breast exams- less than 2% of America’s breast exams; and completed 77% fewer pap tests – less than 1% of America’s pap tests.

The only area where services increased have been in abortion - they perform almost 35% of them. Planned Parenthood has masqueraded in the cloak of women’s rights for far too long. Their services are steeped in abortion’s underbelly, and many of them operate in conditions just as squalid as those found in Kermit Gosnells’ house of horror. As the mother’s day massacre continues in Planned Parenthood abortion chambers across the nation, Black and Latino women must beware – their very lives and reproductive health depends on it. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Mother's Cry

There is something obscene about a child dying before a parent and I cannot imagine the anguish a parent would experience upon learning their child has preceded them in death. Just as I cannot imagine the anguish of the mother of 24 year old Cree Erwin who died July 4, 2016. In her mother's bed. Cree joined the ranks of those who had believed the lie that abortion is safe. Cree, like so many others, believed that she could trust those in the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She believed she would be safe when she placed her "reproductive health" in the hands of one of three abortionists known to complete terminations out of that facility.

"Reproductive health" -  a phrase Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers began using about eight years ago to create an illusion of medical normalcy and safety for those considering abortion. Because of that illusion, the numbers of young vibrant Black women succumbing to the population control mission of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers is increasing.  These centers are anything but safe. The facts surrounding Cree's death are not yet known. Was it a surgical botching like the one Mandy Gittler did on Tonya Reaves in Chicago, Ill in 2012? Was it similar to the abortion performed on LaKisha Wilson by Lisa Perriera in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014? Was it due to the RU486 pill, that ravaged the body of Holly Patterson an 18 year old California girl given RU486 by Planned Parenthood in 2003? Facts are scarce right now, but what is very clear is a mother has lost her child to abortion's blood sucking jaws. Planned Parenthood has once again succeeded in meetings its population control mission taking the life of young Cree Erwin and her baby.

Abortion is ugly. Abortion is killing Black women and children all across the country. More than 20,350,000 Black babies have died by abortion under Roe v. Wade according to Issues4LifeFoundation ( Women are dying as well, more than are being counted at the state or national level. Some of the ones we know died tortuous deaths, terrorized by the shoddy medical practices of abortionists across the country that has left them injured, wounded or dead. Women such as Semika Shaw of Philadelphia (2000), Tamia Russell of Detroit (2004) Denise Crowe of Anne Arundel (2006); Laura Hope Smith of Cape Cod (2007); Edrica Goode of Riverside (2007); Sherika Mayo of Johnson City (2008); and Antonesha Ross of Chicago, 2009  to name a few.

Reports out of abortion centers that dot communities of color are horrifying. As abortionists' age, such as this man in Michigan, women are being mutilated by their unsteady hands. More and more women are leaving the abortion chambers in ambulances rather than of their own accord. The epidemic of abortion has left a trail of women: infertile, uteri' mutilated by substandard care, infected because of unclean instruments and failure to follow medical protocols, such as putting on new gloves between each patient. Reports of patients hemorrhaging are becoming more common than rare. In July it was reported the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis sent its 60th patient to the hospital. It is unknown how many women had to seek additional  assistance after leaving the center – those are counted as female trouble, rather than the botched abortions they are.

Adding insult to injury, the United States Supreme Court, in June of this year ruled that abortion standards do not need to meet surgical levels and abortionists do not need to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals. Requiring them to do so would deny women access to abortion, they said. In fact, one of the briefs submitted by those supporting abortion stated women of color, specifically, would be denied access. In other words, it is okay to subject women of color to substandard medical care. Doing so they want us to believe,  ensures access since many of the clinics in Texas would have closed.

Because of this, another daughter of the Beloved community, as Dr. King called us, has died, leaving a wounded mother and one year old son. And the information that is making me despair is that it is suspected Mandy Gittler, the same Mandy Gittler that left Tonya Reaves bleeding for more than 5 hours while she killed other Black babies, was the abortionist on duty the day Cree obtained the abortion (whether by pill or surgery is not known at this time). If Gittler was the abortionist, she left another motherless child. And this time she left a wounded mother in the throes of grief to make this chilling call for emergency help:

Please take a moment to grieve with Cree's family. Pray for them for strength to go through this tragedy. Then get up off your knees and join me and others in fighting this scourge that is ravaging the Black community. Inbox me if you want more information.

Many thanks to Operation Rescue for much of the information cited in this post.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Supreme Court: America's Discrimination Force

Like it has done for centuries, the Supreme Court of the United States protected the path they began blazing in the Dred Scott v. Sanford case. Today the Court did what they do best. They once again denied the rights of most of America's citizenry in favor of a political agenda. Every woman in America should be in tears- especially Black women who are the targets in the bulls' eye.

Abortion has never been about a woman, or her right to choose. It has, from its inception, been about population control and Lord help us, it is succeeding. Today the Court made sure that when the abortions are done, doctors don't even have to meet regular surgical and medical standards of care though the service provided is surgery. Those doctors that cannot get admitting privileges to nearby hospitals can continue maiming and even killing women without consequence. Those facilities that are akin to Gosnell's House of Horrors in Pennsylvania can continue operating beneath reasonable medical standards.

Not long after the Court accepted the Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstedt case, Marva Sadler, Director of Clinical Services for Whole Women wrote in Ebony Magazine that it was Black women that would be most impacted if the Texas law was not struck down ( . She used irrelevant data such as the difference in wages between Black women and white men and an alleged lack of sex education to justify keeping substandard clinics open and thriving.

Today the Court breathed life into her balderdash. Today the Court cemented its skin color politics in the abortion at all costs foundation. Since the Court will not protect women we must unite and protect ourselves. On June 18, 2016, the day celebrated as Juneteenth the day the slaves were freed in Texas, Sisters for Life declared a national boycott of Planned Parenthood. Let's join them. Let us go get our daughters, nieces, aunties and cousins out of the dens of death that are called abortion centers. Perhaps it is time to question why these doctors cannot get admitting privileges. Perhaps it is time to ask how many women have been injured under their care and  how many of them have died under their hands.

Pastor Walter Hoye of recently released a series of articles that reveal just how successful the population control Negro Project launched by Planned Parenthood and perpetuated by the abortion industry, has been. He said "Considering that the total current Black American population is about 42,000,000, the 20,350,000 Black American abortions are equal to 48.45% of the total Black American population." Had there not been so many abortions on Black women the Black population thee would be more than 62 million Blacks in America today. He went on to state that 40% of Black pregnancies end in abortion. And the Court today signaled that those pregnancies can end in substandard facilities that refuse to rise to a reasonable standard of medical care.

In light of today's ruling, I am sure Planned Parenthood Action will step up sending their white activists to pursue their political efforts to terminate Black babies ( I can only pray we will stop  the tidal wave the Court launched with a boycott of tsunami proportions.

Sound the alarm. Tell women to beware, and join the boycott. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

An Open Letter to Congresswoman Gwen Moore

For decades Planned Parenthood spent millions of taxpayer dollars convincing the culture children in the womb are not humans. They labeled the babies products of conception and blobs of tissue. They used the Latin word fetus to turn a baby into an object of no value, something to be easily scraped, and torn from the mother’s womb. They encouraged the notion that reproductive rights trump the right to life of the child. Once they believed themselves to be on sure footing on that message they turned their attention to their most deadly program, the Negro Project.

Under the watchful eye of their most successful population control architect, Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood expanded their reach into communities of color. She systematically grew their presence until more than 79% of their surgical abortion facilities are located in densely populated (their words) communities of color. In fact in only five minutes, you could take a short drive or walk from your Milwaukee office to their N. Jackson Street location conveniently located in your district. The same is true in the districts of Congresswomen Barbara Lee (CA), Maxine Waters (CA), Joyce Beatty (OH), Corrine Brown (FL), Yvette Clark (NY), and  Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) to name a few of those who were elected to look out for our interests. Labeling an extremist group does nothing to change the accurate information they presented that reveals the location of the surgical centers.

Cecile Richards changed the business model of the organization ensuring that every Planned Parenthood offers medical or surgical abortions and those affiliates that refused to do them were forced out. She then turned her eye toward building a cultural campaign that would allow her to carry out, in plain sight, the mission of the Negro Project, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger launched some one hundred years ago. In order to control the Black birth rate. Richards  even went so far as to get the Ford Foundation on whose board she sits, to develop and provide training and talking points  to  elected officials and others  in an effort to reject the genocidal impact of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda. Black legislators, Black media, entertainers, and yes even Pastors were co-opted to help maintain the illusion Planned Parenthood fights to preserve Black and female rights.

And you, Representative Moore stepped right into the Negro Project.  Your comment that conservatives such as myself are “shaming African American women and attacking the reproductive health providers they rely on” are right out of that training Richards provided you in 2012. You agreed to promote their radical agenda of abortion at all costs, even if it results in the genocide of those whose skin color is the same as yours. 

You  and others ignore the reality that many abortionists simply walked out of the back alley and into the front doors of  urban abortion centers. The health care they provide is no health care at all, and many times it violates even the most basic standards of medical care. You and others ignore the fact that some of their affiliates have been stealing taxpayer dollars by over billing Medicaid ( You ignore the fact that they aid and abet underage sex abuse every time they fail to report a minor presenting for an abortion ( You ignore the unsanitary conditions found in many abortions centers like the one in Delaware where conditions were so bad the nurses quit ( You ignore the fact that women are injured in these centers due to substandard medical care and each and every year more than 60,000 require hospital care as a result of a botched abortion ( You ignore the fact that one of the upper echelon of Planned Parenthood was giddy at the thought of selling so many Black and Latino baby body parts that she could purchase a Lamborghini.  And, you ignore the fact that women die in these abortion centers. Let us remember Tonya Reaves who was left bleeding for more than five hours in a Chicago Planned Parenthood (  

The shame, Congresswoman Moore, is that you and those with whom you serve, have failed to protect the very people that sent you to Congress. Oh, how I wish I could call you an Uncle Tom. But I cannot, because he gave his life to protect those in his care. You, on the other hand, have opened the door to Simon Legree and those who are hell bent on wiping us from the earth. I applaud Congressman Duffy, a 21st Century abolitionist with the courage to face down the hate,being spewed by out of control abortion radicals.  At the very least he is speaking out. I pray more have ears to hear than those willing to embrace a lie as they slaughter babies and many times their mothers in the name of reproductive rights.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Victory over the Darkness of Abortion

In February, 2015 I received a call from Father Terry Gensenmer of CEC for Life. With controlled frustration in his voice, he described a project he, Operation Rescue, and Life Legal Defense Foundation had been working on for more than a year. Information had come to them that there was a rogue doctor performing abortions in Selma, Al and he was not licensed to do so in accordance with Alabama law. They had submitted a complaint, complete with extensive documentation to the state, but after more than eight months, had received no response. He then invited me to participate in a press conference to be held later that month calling on the state to shut down Samuel Lett, the abortionist. I was happy to do so.

Since Kermit Gosnell was exposed in 2009, I have been monitoring reports of abortionists that injure women and run substandard facilities. All across the nation there are abortionists who ignore state civil and criminal laws, especially those designed to protect women from predators and substandard medical care. Lett’s center provided a glaring example of this and the state’s complicity in covering over abortion center violations. So off to Alabama I went and participated in the press conference challenging the state to no longer turn a blind eye to this abortionist who was preying on Black and poor women in Selma. In my mind’s eye this was an easy thing to do. Lett was illegal. The state could verify his violations by simply sitting in the parking lot and observing the many women going in pregnant and coming out not. Piece of cake I thought.

But Alabama chose to go the way of Pennsylvania and every other state that ignores their own laws when it comes to abortion. A little over a month later they said they were “unable to establish that [Lett’s] facility performed a number of abortions that would require it to be licensed as an abortion or reproductive health center.”  Once again poor women and women of color were allowed to be preyed upon by abortionists more interested in their ill gotten gain than they are interested in providing “health care” to their patients.

It was in this environment that the Selma Project was birthed through prayer. A  gathering of Black, Caucasian, Latina, and Native Americans was called  to rally, pray and walk across the Pettus Bridge calling attention to the violations of civil and criminal laws by Samuel Lett and other abortionists across the country. We called on the State of Alabama to do the right thing and shut Lett down. We called on the residents of Selma and Alabama to join us in protesting Lett’s illegal operation and the many violations that occur daily across the country, harming women physically and mentally. We called on the nation to join us in demanding the immediate shutdown of the back alley abortionists like Lett Planned Parenthood surgical centers and others that now have the covering of Roe v. Wade to hide their shoddy and substandard medical care. We united under one banner to highlight the destruction that Lett and others have been wreaking on unsuspecting poor women in communities of color, calling attention to the many women that have died in one of the abortion surgical chambers that dot Black and Latino neighborhood. Our united, concerted effort paid off in a big way.

The Central Alabama Women's Clinic, formerly used as Lett's back-alley abortion clinic, is now operating as a weight-loss facility.

Today we celebrate this victory over the darkness of abortion. While we do not know the consequences of the State of Alabama allowing Lett to operate for so long in violation of state laws, we celebrate that he is no longer preying on women. Though they did not take steps to shut Lett down, we pray Alabama will still do the right thing and hold him accountable for his violations of the law and the injuries he inflicted on his patients.

To God be the glory for this thing He has done.