Saturday, September 6, 2014

The War against Black Population Growth

Abortions’ racist foundation has been effectively concealed from the beginning and most in the Black community do not realize the war against black family reproduction began in 1916 with the founding of Margaret Sangers’ Birth Control League. By the late 1930’s Sanger, in concert with Clarence Gamble (Proctor and Gamble) launched a specific project against the Black family – The Negro Project that “… sought to bring about a major birth-rate reduction among American Negroes”.* The Negro Project enlisted ministers to aid in promoting the project,  and Gamble proposed physicians join them.  He said “There is great danger that [the project] will fail because the Negroes think it a plan for extermination. Hence let’s appear to let the colored run it.…

Not much has changed except the growing list of Blacks Planned Parenthood has convinced to join their genocidal program that is steeped in the eugenics/population control movement. Today Black ministers, entertainers and other leaders are used as tools to not only conceal this design, but to encourage its victims to participate in their own ethnic cleansing. Major corporations, many of whom support getting “rid of populations we don’t want too many of”**, fund Planned Parenthood's targeting of Black and other women of color while  increasing what they call their “ineffective outreach” ***that in some cities has resulted in more Black babies being aborted than born alive.

Tasha Smith, a Tyler Perry favorite actress, is the latest to join the growing list of Black entertainers willing to ignore Planned Parenthood’s racist history in favor pushing their sisters, cousins, daughters and aunties into the abortion centers that dot Black neighborhoods.  Tasha, Gabrielle Union, Star Jones and others ignore the reports coming out of the hood of the many women injured in the centers. They ignore the stories that reveal how Black women are writhing, sometimes on the floor, curled into the fetal position because of the pain they experience after a botched abortion. They ignore the increasing number of young, vibrant Black women dying at the hands of substandard abortionists, instead “choosing” to promote abortion over every other option.

I read a report today about a Michigan abortionist, Robert Alexander, who testified he has had a bi-polar disorder since he was 19. He was pleading to be allowed to continue his practice, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act as his shield. His abortion center had been shut down by the Fire Department after they determined it posed a “danger to human life”. This abortionist had been operating for years in this environment while his friends in high places covered for his substandard care:

Since Kermit Gosnell, the original “House of Horrors” abortionist was discovered; there has been a marked uptick in the numbers of women being injured in these centers. For years statisticians reported 3% of the more than 1.2 million abortions each year required hospitalization. Last last year they began to report it is 5%****. That is more than 60,000 women a year leaving the abortion center injured, sometimes in the back of an ambulance. Kermit Gosnell, Robert Alexander and the growing number of substandard providers around the country are the rule rather than the exception. Yet, Planned Parenthood argues that requiring these abortionists to meet ambulatory surgical center standards is a hardship that denies Black women access to abortion. They work to convince America that doctors who cannot get admitting privileges to nearby hospitals should be able to keep butchering women because doing so ensures poor women can receive “reproductive justice”.  So what that they are getting two for one, the mother and the baby die,because it moves them closer to their Nazi-like ethnic cleansing goals.

Planned Parenthood knows no boundaries as it rabidly pursues the lives of Black babies and women. Perpetuating the Black women are violent stereotype, they urge Black women to attack Black legislators that have taken the lead to protect women entering the abortion centers. One example of this is the Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood Director that urged local activist Deon Haywood of Women with a Vision, to “kick the ass” of Katrina Jackson, a Black legislator who authored Louisiana’s most recent pro-life legislation. Or they pump thousands into campaigns to defeat Black legislators who dare to stand against their abortion at all costs stance as Pennsylvania Legislator Margo Davidson did when she voted to regulate abortion mills in her state so no woman would die in the same manner as her cousin who was butchered by Kermit Gosnell.

I pray Tasha, Gabrielle, Star, Nia, Kelli and all the other Black ministers, elected officials, and leaders will come out from among those that are killing us. I pray they will join me, Alveda King, Day Gardner, Star Parker, Angela Minter, Zina Hackworth, Connie Eller, LaVerne Tolbert,  LaKita Wright, Christina Bennett, DeHaviland Ford and the hundreds of other Black women that recognize and work against the hand of death that is Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project.