Saturday, January 24, 2015

Finding Justice in an Unjust Law

Thursday marked the forty second year of legalized abortion in the United States. Forty two years ago, the  Supreme Court ruled little human beings inside the wombs of their mothers are not persons as defined in the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. As they had done in the Dred Scott ( , and Plessy v. Ferguson ( decisions, they ignored what they could see with their own eyes and instead objectified babies just as they had Blacks by removing them from the spectrum of humanity. They gave the mother a right to abort by placing the fictitious right of privacy above the constitutionally defined right to life of the child. Now forty two years later, very few remember the humanity of the child. Instead the culture has embroiled itself in the politics of the matter and almost  fifty eight  million lives later the nation is no closer to ending the slaughter of babies than it was when this battle began.

Until 2003, politics allowed abortionists to partially birth babies  then plunge instruments into their brains to kill them before pulling them completely out of the womb. Instead of protecting the lives of the innocents, politics  allows some babies to be pulled apart limb by limb each and every day in one of America’s 549 surgical abortion centers. Ask the mothers who heard the nurses count the baby's body parts whether they were human persons. Politics has allowed some babies to be birthed alive and then killed as was the case in Kermit Gosnell’s Pennsylvania house of horror. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did nothing to stop him until 2010 and then only after the DEA forced their hand.  Each and everyday politics allows abortionists to inject digoxin into the hearts of babies to stop its beating so their moms can deliver a dead child. The politics of abortion allowed the Oakland California police to stand idly by while white feminists disrupted a memorial led by Black Pastors for the millions of babies lost to abortion. These women demand abortion without apology and they defy you and I to stop them from killing the innocents.

Abortion politics has allowed the violation of state laws even when the outcome is the death of the woman. This was evident in the case of LaKisha Wilson in Ohio. LaKisha, 22, suffered heavy blood loss that resulted in cardiac arrest. We have now learned that Lakisha’s pregnancy was beyond the legal limit for abortions in Ohio. We have also learned the center where the operation occurred was non-compliant with facility codes and the broken elevator delayed the EMT squad getting her out and to the nearest hospital. LaKisha is not alone in the death roll call and we mourn the deaths of  Tonya Reaves, Semika Shaw, Sherika Mayo, Edrica Goode, Denise Crowe, Laura Hope Smith, Tamiia Russell, Antonesha Ross and the many other women who died at the hands of substandard abortionists that fuel the multi-billion dollar  industry.

The politics of abortion allows America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, to use taxpayer dollars to deny Black babies and their mothers, the civil and inalienable right to life as they target them for execution when they locate the lion share of their abortion centers within a two mile walking radius of a Black and/or Latina neighborhood. The politics of abortion allows population control enthusiasts to give millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood to deprive Black and Latina babies the right to life. Many of these enthusiasts are supporters of eugenics and they have no qualms about targeting Black women and babies with their dollars to get “rid of the populations we have too many of” as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed in 2009. The politics of abortion allows Planned Parenthood to disguise their racist roots in the Negro Project, designed to control the birthrate of those their founder deemed undesirable.

America may not have the political will to end abortion, but I believe America has the moral will to end the destruction of our innocents. Abortion takes the lives of babies who are persons indeed and justice will be served when we recognize they are entitled to the protection of the 14th amendment. Justice will be served when states are no longer allowed to violate their own laws by turning a blind eye to the havoc abortionists are wreaking on women and babies in the womb. Justice will be served when abortionists can no longer steal taxpayer money as they destroy the lives of the babies and more and more frequently their mothers.  Justice and righteousness will again meet to end this scourge that has devastated men, women and families across the nation. May justice come now.