Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Being Upside Down in America

As you can tell by my logo, I love talking about the myriad of issues impacting America. There are so many that it’s sometimes hard to select just one. So this time, I chose a topic that is recurring and seemingly oxymoronic: How can people be prolife and support war or the death penalty? Some argue that the war in Iraq is immoral and that Americans are needlessly sacrificing their lives or taking the lives of innocents in that land. Others argue that the numbers dying on America’s streets and in the womb is far more immoral than a war declared to protect America’s sovereignty and people. Neither side appears able to get closer to the overarching issue - the sanctity of life. As a result, they are unable to find common ground and the conversation ends with a sense of frustration rather than accomplishment. Both sides failing to find answers that could be promoted in the culture to bring about real change.

In the meanwhile, the bodies of the dead are stacking up like cord wood on both sides of the ocean. But there is no outcry in the main stream media or in the corridors of public opinion against the war or against the genocidal deaths here on America’s shores. There is no horror at the dead among us. And only in the families and friends of those slain, is there sorrow or shame. Instead, America revels in the sin of genocide, claiming it as a right when discussing abortion, and turning a deaf ear to the victims of genocide in most other cases.

We rescue animals before people, placing a far greater value on dogs than our children, brothers and sisters. Michael Vick went to jail for dog fighting. Just yesterday he was released after serving most if not all of the time of his sentence. Yet, PETA continues in their war against him, demanding he never be allowed to work again. There is no outcry for Michael. There is no marching, there are no demonstrations, or voices of support arguing that he has paid the debt for the crime committed and should be allowed to get on with his life. And just as there is no outcry for Michael, there is no horror at the dead among us. There is no sorrow or shame. We revel in the sin of genocide. Our children are assigned no value and the great nation called America, openly celebrates the targeting of some of her children for extermination as is the case of the over 1400 black babies killed daily in America’s abortuaries.

We cloak in shrouds of acceptability, the death mandate of those supporting America’s eugenics agenda called population control, unable or unwilling to shine the light of truth on practices that take the lives of babies in the womb and our youth in the streets. We cloud the issue of murder with rhetoric designed to deflect our attention away from the devaluation of black life in particular and life in general toward a woman’s or some other obscure right.

I wonder if we can come out of this dark place America is hooked on. From slavery, to Jim Crow, to abortion and violence in the streets, America is on a genocidal path of destruction. We are upside down, calling evil good and good evil. I wonder if we have the courage to come to a place of turning so that we can get it right ending years of tyranny against the masses.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Silence of the People is Destroying Our Lambs

I have a new friend who frequently pokes fun at me because I told him the story of how I used to fight every day as a child. While I am a far cry from being a child today, I find there are times when I just have to fight, even if it is not a physical fight like those I had when I was young. There are some issues that make you angry enough that you just have to pick a fight.

Because I never fought to lose, one of the strategies I used as a child was to hit my opponent first. Doing so gave me greater leverage to win, because I usually hit where I knew it would hurt most, so I could through a second punch before they recovered. So here goes, I am throwing a punch today, straight at the heart of the black community.

When Jesse Jackson and other leaders of the Civil Rights era shifted their position on abortion the line between feminism and civil rights was so blurred, the door opened for redefining civil rights to include abortion and other social policies such as homosexuality. One of the particularly insidious results of both Jim Crow America and the shift toward abortion as a civil right was the mindset adopted by many in the civil rights movement that blacks are victims. This victim mentality has created in some, a psyche that embraces all verbiage and practices that encroach on civil rights, whether they are so or not. As a result, where blacks would have arisen as one voice against those who would prostitute the black experience, we are now mostly silent.

Before and after Roe v. Wade was passed, it would have been unheard of for a woman to kill her baby by abortion. Most black women, because of the history of slavery and the selling of our children “down river” considered abortion a part of the dogma of the feminist agenda that most of us summarily rejected. But when the civil rights line blurred, and the targeting of the black community by organizations like Planned Parenthood took root, what was shocking then is now status quo.

Back in the day it would have been unheard of for any black to accept homosexuality as a civil right yet today that too is becoming the status quo. The protest against the passage of California’s Proposition 8 is a clear example of the homosexual prostitution of the civil rights movement. Big, burly white men snatched a cross from the hands of a little old white lady and screamed in her face that they were fighting for their rights just as blacks fought for theirs. Once again we have another group hijacking the black experience. (Prop 8 Rally turns violent – kpsplocal2.com)

Yet today we are alarmingly silent as they claim they are fighting for their rights just as blacks did in the fifties and sixties. They had no problem however, calling us niggers when they protested in California. Prop 8 protest. They had no problem adopting one of our young black boys, sexually abusing him, and then pimping him to other pedophiles. Duke Rape Case. But the silence goes on.

Where are the protests against Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project that is still being implemented today by executing young black babies in the womb? Where is the outrage against a late term abortionist likening the shooting of Dr. Tiller, another late term abortionist to one of our great heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? What a despicable slap in the face to the black community. Where are the protests for the young five year old brother who will now have to fight for his life against the memory of his vile treatment at the hands of homosexual pedophiles? Who will fight for him?

Have we become so victim minded that we will continue in this spiral of death against our babies and young men? I can only pray that each of you reading this will join me in throwing the second punch. Call out these acts for what they are. Get on TV, Radio, Facebook and Twitter. Sound the alarm. Let us go get our babies. Let us go rescue our men!!!!