Wednesday, December 9, 2009

America: You’ve Been Punked!!!

America, You've been punked if you believe the abortion debate is about women's rights. You've been punked if you believe the practice of abortion is racially neutral. You've been punked if you believe that Senator Harry Reids' outburst was historically, politically or socially accurate!!!! The abortion debate in America began with the question of what to do with the three million, now emancipated slaves. And the Supreme Court became one of the responders to that question.

The 1857 Dred Scott v. Sanford decision has long been an irritant for America’s Supreme Court. Nine men declared that “A free negro of the African race, whose ancestors were brought to this country and sold as slaves, is not a "citizen" within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States” because “when the Constitution was adopted, they were not regarded in any of the States as members of the community which constituted the State, and were not numbered among its "people or citizens."

Just four short years later, a war and a tithe of ten percent of her population ended America’s institutionalization of slavery. But the end of slavery did not herald equal rights for the enslaved and it was not until the passage of the 14th amendment of the Constitution in 1868 that the Supreme Court’s declaration that blacks were not and could not be citizens was undone.

America would not yield her rabid desire to treat her black citizens unequally and even before the war had ended, began institutionalizing segregation as a way of life, mandating separate but equal laws throughout the country. Once again the Supreme Court weighed in on the wrong side of the issue. In the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision that declared a constitutionally acceptable practice of segregation the Supreme Court affirmed that blacks could be treated inferiorily. It was not until almost one hundred years later, that the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 began to unravel that flawed decision.

Nine years later, the Supreme Court followed it’s pattern of denying citizenship and personhood to its citizens when it issued the Roe v. Wade decision, that denies the personhood of a child in the womb. They created a right of privacy that allowed the mother to choose to kill her child, placing that choice above the child’s constitutionally guaranteed right to life. According to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s July 2009 New York Times Magazine interview, there was a common understanding that because of growth in “populations we don’t want too many of” Roe allowed America to control the population by abortion. And we know through extensive research and documentaries like MAAFA21, that Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood identified the population as America's blacks.

Now, instead of correcting the racist patterns of enslavement and genocide encouraged by the Court, the United States is seeking to institutionalize black genocide by insisting that abortion be paid for by taxpayers through any health care bill that is passed. Majority Leader Harry Reid had the temerity to suggest that those opposing the institutionalization of abortion are the same as the Democrats that loosed the dogs and turned the water hoses on blacks protesting during the 60s. I beg to differ. It is the Harry Reid Democrats that are the same as those who opposed the end of slavery and segregation in America. It is the Harry Reid Democrats that have joined America’s elitists in insisting that the government now fund genocide with taxpayer dollars. It is the Harry Reid Democrats that are continuing the deception that abortion is a racially neutral and acceptable practice.
America you have been punked, tricked, and made fun of. Abortion is not about woman’s rights, it is about genocide, especially black genocide. I can only pray that America will finally end centuries of racism by implementing that great document called the Constitution as God intended. I can only pray that we will finally rise up and meet the declaration that all Americans are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, first by ensuring that no health care bill allows for abortion and then by ending the practice of abortion in this great nation.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

America’s Achilles Heel

America has a fatal weakness in spite of her strength, and this weakness is spreading. It can actually lead to her downfall. From its inception, America has not treated its citizenry well. Even while drafting the Declaration of Independence, the foundational document that guarantees every person the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it enslaved millions of blacks - defining them as property rather than persons. Women were just a notch above the slave, considered property as well, civilly dead (i.e. no right to own property or vote) – totally subjected to the whims of her father or husband. There were laws in the land that actually restricted women’s rights such as the Comstock Laws that forbade, among other things, the making and selling of contraceptive devices. Much of the twentieth century was devoted to combating these inequities, with blacks and women sometimes joining together to reshape the American landscape with regard to civil rights.

These conditions made it easy for women like Margaret Sanger, to sell birth control and abortion as a woman’s rights issue. It was not unreasonable to think that a woman should have the ability to decide when and where she would bear children. It was not unreasonable to think that blacks should have the right to live in America without restrictions based on their race. Certainly, it was not unreasonable to fight to ensure that no one would "sit on the womb" of black women, as someone recently said to me. After all, black women faced double the inequities, based on their race and gender. Encouraging the two to fight together for their rights could not be viewed as anything less than an effort to ensure women a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A simple trek back in time however, reveals that Sanger’s motivation for pursuing her birth control agenda had a more insidious meaning than that of guaranteeing a woman’s right in the fight for equality. Slavery had ended, but the question of what to do with the 4 million plus slaves that were now free had not been resolved. Sanger, an ardent eugenicist, joined hundreds of other American elite in crafting a “Negro Project” in answer to that question. Designed to control the birth rate of those America “didn’t want too many of” as Justice Ginsburg recently revealed, Sanger and her organization Planned Parenthood, waged a war against the births of blacks by promoting birth control, abortion and sterilization in the areas where most blacks reside.

Enlisting the likes of W.E.B. Dubois, Adam Clayton Powell, Jesse Jackson and others to spread her “equal rights” message, Planned Parenthood succeeded in persuading them that a woman’s right to prevent pregnancy or end pregnancy by abortion was a right to be fought for like the right for equality blacks have fought for so long. She and the forces supporting her elevated the woman’s right above the right of the baby to life. She effectively changed the language of the culture to create an illusion that the baby is not a person, not a human being. In doing so the fictional right of privacy, the cornerstone of the pro-abortion movement, was raised above the constitutional right of the child to live as guaranteed by the 14th amendment.

For thirty six years America’s Achilles’ heel has been systemically and systematically poisoned with rhetoric that has allowed for the destruction of her children in the womb, America's only means to grow and remain strong. Destroying America from within, anti-American, anti-black forces have been allowed to spew their arrows of death on woman after woman, and fifty one million babies.

What greater weapon of mass destruction is there than this – the conviction that a child is a problem to be dealt with at the hand of a doctor whose belief system endorses the elimination of a race of people? What greater act of terrorism is there than this – the conviction that the womb is no longer a sanctuary, no longer a place of nurture and protection, but instead,is a nest of terror to the unborn child. Indeed America’s Achilles’ heel is being increasingly poisoned and it has begun to seep into her foundations. I pray we are ready to stop the poisonous flow, lest in the not too distant future, there are no more of us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

America Needs More Uncle Toms!

In a meeting recently, one of the speakers noted that the murder of Emmett Till gave face to the Civil Rights movement in the US. So when I saw a copy of a DVD about Emmett, I purchased it. I have watched the Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till five times. There were things in the documentary that I did not know or had not heard. I did not know and had not heard that there were two black men alleged to have held Emmett on the truck while his murderers drove him to the spot where he was killed. It was later reported one of them was seen washing Emmett’s blood out of the truck, claiming it was deer blood. The second man, who claimed he was not there, recounted the events of that ugly night using the same words that the murderers gave in their Look Magazine confession, almost verbatim. He was the only black person noted to have given this version of the events of that night.

Similar expressions of betrayal in the black community continue today. And, depending on who is making the argument, the betrayal can take a number of forms. Just this week several pastors expressed their outrage and concern when a leading Bishop of one of the largest black denominations in America endorsed the President’s health care bill. This Bishop claims a belief in the sanctity of life yet the bill he endorsed has an amendment that expressly calls for public funding of abortion. In response, a pastor of that denomination immediately called the prolife pastors Uncle Toms and Republican brown nosers. This labeling was despite the fact that many of the pastors expressing their concerns were Independents and Democrats.

At a time when the black community is experiencing some of the most horrific problems of our lives, we find the community is fractured and crumbling because of racial and political game playing. A frightening trend has emerged and if it is not checked may mean the complete destruction of a people. That trend is one that forbids criticism of a black Democrat, no matter how detrimental their politics and policies may be. If I were to criticize the President for his policies that I perceive as deadly to the black community, for example, I too would be labeled an Uncle Tom, and in some circles, may be harmed physically.

Over the last forty five years, there has been little if any improvement in the conditions blacks face. In fact, some would argue that since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964things have worsened considerably. Despite having a large contingent of political representatives at every level of local, state and federal government, blacks face daunting numbers when considering healthcare, crime, education, incarceration and employment to name a few. Diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, hypertension and a host of other diseases run rampant. Blacks are disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders according to the Department of Justice ( Nationally, over forty seven percent of our black youth drop, out of school ( and among black men, the dropout rate soars to over fifty percent ( Forty eight percent of our teenagers have sexually transmitted diseases ( In the twenty five states with large black populations, 24-77% of those incarcerated are black ( Unemployment for blacks topped 15% in September ( And these numbers are just a tip of the iceberg of all the problems facing the black community in America today.

I attended a church service in 2008 where chiefs, tribal leaders, and ministers from every tribe in Africa that sold blacks into slavery were in attendance. They had come to repent to American blacks for the betrayal their ancestors had perpetrated because of greed, selfishness and jealousy. I wonder if any of us have the fortitude to repent for our betrayals.

In the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 22, verse 30 it says God looked for someone to stand in the gap. But He could not find one. Contrary to the common belief of some about Uncle Tom, he did not betray his people. Uncle Tom stood in the gap for Eliza. He refused to betray her to the evil Simon Legree. Unlike Uncle Tom, the two men in the Emmett Till case were unwilling to die to keep Emmett alive. They betrayed him unto his death and to this day have not been brought to justice. Unlike Uncle Tom, some pastors will celebrate a leader that chooses political rather than moral/Godly stands.

The pastors who spoke up against the endorsement of the President’s bill are indeed Uncle Toms. I applaud their willingness to stand and not betray their people to those are targeting us and who want us dead. I pray there are more who will stand in the gap to reverse the death style the hounds of hell have unleashed against the black community. Indeed, America needs more Uncle Toms – those who will not betray their people for personal, political or social gain. Are you one?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bone Chill

Have you ever had an experience that literally chilled you to the bones? I have. It does not happen often but when it does, it stirs something in me and I find I want to fight, to make it better, or change the paradigm.

The first time I had that experience was at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site in Atlanta Georgia. As my daughter, friends and I walked in the footsteps of those that went before us, we came to a picture that quite frankly froze me in my tracks. It was a picture of an outhouse with a sign that said “Niggas eat in the rear”. Yes, I am familiar with and have experienced the Jim Crow restrictions blacks faced in the south. And yes, I know that Jim Crow took the lives of thousands of blacks across the country. But something about that picture brought me face to face with evil. I could not understand how the thought of sending another human being to eat behind a building used for human waste could enter someone’s mind. The picture so impacted me that I could not finish the tour. I grabbed my daughter and friends and we immediately left – the desire to fight something or someone raging on my insides.

Just recently I experienced that same bone chilling encounter with evil. It happened as I read the New York Times Magazine article, The Place of Women on the Court, published July 7, 2009. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion.”

As a seasoned prolife activist, I know that eugenics (the pseudo science of the genetically superior being favored over those considered genetically inferior) plays a major role in the pro-abortion movement. I have read many of the books and articles that lay out the strategy to control the population by foisting abortion and birth control on the unsuspecting. I am aware that Hitler and his henchmen carried out a well crafted, American led plan of extermination against the ethnicities they considered inferior. But it was chilling to have one of America's pro-abortion advocates so openly and casually acknowledge the agenda, without fear of backlash or repercussions. Sadly, America did not even blink at the thought that the impetus of the Roe vs. Wade decision was to control the birth of those “we don’t want too many of”.

America has so politicized the sanctity of life that it seems we are willing to ignore this Hitleresque acknowledgement. It seems that we no longer care that a segment of the American population is being systematically and systemically eliminated to further the diabolical agenda of those who support eugenics. Unlike my visit to the MLK Historic site, this time I can fight something and someone. I can expose the eugenics agenda for the extermination plot it is and make it plain to every American that the sanctity of life is not a political but a moral mandate that is of paramount importance.

I can fight America's Affordable Health Care Act of 2009, exposing its eugenics doctrines for the extermination practices they are. As activists have come together to denounce the proposed health care bill I find it eerie and disconcerting that neither the politicians nor the activists discuss the many provisions of the bill that support the extermination of certain people groups. The family and end of life planning provisions in the bill are nothing more than disguises for the eugenics birthed population control plan inherent in its thousand plus pages.

Anyone wanting a clear picture of the outcome of this bill if it is passed need look no further than the black community. As is the case today, babies will be killed in the womb under the reasoning that they are unwanted or unintended. America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (AAHCA) will ensure your tax money and mine will pay for them. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood will continue their targeting of black women paying for the abortions with taxpayers money - garnering more than the $365 million they receive today.

AAHCA will force the 30-40% of blacks with cancer, heart disease, hypertension, AIDS and other diseases into discussions concerning their "end of life" plan, rather than provide for health care to treat or cure the diseases.

Men like John Holdren, the nation’s new science tsar will continue spouting and pushing dogma that will allow “babies who are born out of wedlock or to teenage mothers to be forcibly taken away from their mother by the government and put up for adoption. Another proposed measure would force single mothers to demonstrate to the government that they can care for the child, effectively introducing licensing to have children.” This will happen and is happening all over America. But it is not too late.

We can stand up and say no. We can fight back against this agenda of death. So here I stand, and I say NO! Will you join me?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Being Upside Down in America

As you can tell by my logo, I love talking about the myriad of issues impacting America. There are so many that it’s sometimes hard to select just one. So this time, I chose a topic that is recurring and seemingly oxymoronic: How can people be prolife and support war or the death penalty? Some argue that the war in Iraq is immoral and that Americans are needlessly sacrificing their lives or taking the lives of innocents in that land. Others argue that the numbers dying on America’s streets and in the womb is far more immoral than a war declared to protect America’s sovereignty and people. Neither side appears able to get closer to the overarching issue - the sanctity of life. As a result, they are unable to find common ground and the conversation ends with a sense of frustration rather than accomplishment. Both sides failing to find answers that could be promoted in the culture to bring about real change.

In the meanwhile, the bodies of the dead are stacking up like cord wood on both sides of the ocean. But there is no outcry in the main stream media or in the corridors of public opinion against the war or against the genocidal deaths here on America’s shores. There is no horror at the dead among us. And only in the families and friends of those slain, is there sorrow or shame. Instead, America revels in the sin of genocide, claiming it as a right when discussing abortion, and turning a deaf ear to the victims of genocide in most other cases.

We rescue animals before people, placing a far greater value on dogs than our children, brothers and sisters. Michael Vick went to jail for dog fighting. Just yesterday he was released after serving most if not all of the time of his sentence. Yet, PETA continues in their war against him, demanding he never be allowed to work again. There is no outcry for Michael. There is no marching, there are no demonstrations, or voices of support arguing that he has paid the debt for the crime committed and should be allowed to get on with his life. And just as there is no outcry for Michael, there is no horror at the dead among us. There is no sorrow or shame. We revel in the sin of genocide. Our children are assigned no value and the great nation called America, openly celebrates the targeting of some of her children for extermination as is the case of the over 1400 black babies killed daily in America’s abortuaries.

We cloak in shrouds of acceptability, the death mandate of those supporting America’s eugenics agenda called population control, unable or unwilling to shine the light of truth on practices that take the lives of babies in the womb and our youth in the streets. We cloud the issue of murder with rhetoric designed to deflect our attention away from the devaluation of black life in particular and life in general toward a woman’s or some other obscure right.

I wonder if we can come out of this dark place America is hooked on. From slavery, to Jim Crow, to abortion and violence in the streets, America is on a genocidal path of destruction. We are upside down, calling evil good and good evil. I wonder if we have the courage to come to a place of turning so that we can get it right ending years of tyranny against the masses.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Silence of the People is Destroying Our Lambs

I have a new friend who frequently pokes fun at me because I told him the story of how I used to fight every day as a child. While I am a far cry from being a child today, I find there are times when I just have to fight, even if it is not a physical fight like those I had when I was young. There are some issues that make you angry enough that you just have to pick a fight.

Because I never fought to lose, one of the strategies I used as a child was to hit my opponent first. Doing so gave me greater leverage to win, because I usually hit where I knew it would hurt most, so I could through a second punch before they recovered. So here goes, I am throwing a punch today, straight at the heart of the black community.

When Jesse Jackson and other leaders of the Civil Rights era shifted their position on abortion the line between feminism and civil rights was so blurred, the door opened for redefining civil rights to include abortion and other social policies such as homosexuality. One of the particularly insidious results of both Jim Crow America and the shift toward abortion as a civil right was the mindset adopted by many in the civil rights movement that blacks are victims. This victim mentality has created in some, a psyche that embraces all verbiage and practices that encroach on civil rights, whether they are so or not. As a result, where blacks would have arisen as one voice against those who would prostitute the black experience, we are now mostly silent.

Before and after Roe v. Wade was passed, it would have been unheard of for a woman to kill her baby by abortion. Most black women, because of the history of slavery and the selling of our children “down river” considered abortion a part of the dogma of the feminist agenda that most of us summarily rejected. But when the civil rights line blurred, and the targeting of the black community by organizations like Planned Parenthood took root, what was shocking then is now status quo.

Back in the day it would have been unheard of for any black to accept homosexuality as a civil right yet today that too is becoming the status quo. The protest against the passage of California’s Proposition 8 is a clear example of the homosexual prostitution of the civil rights movement. Big, burly white men snatched a cross from the hands of a little old white lady and screamed in her face that they were fighting for their rights just as blacks fought for theirs. Once again we have another group hijacking the black experience. (Prop 8 Rally turns violent –

Yet today we are alarmingly silent as they claim they are fighting for their rights just as blacks did in the fifties and sixties. They had no problem however, calling us niggers when they protested in California. Prop 8 protest. They had no problem adopting one of our young black boys, sexually abusing him, and then pimping him to other pedophiles. Duke Rape Case. But the silence goes on.

Where are the protests against Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project that is still being implemented today by executing young black babies in the womb? Where is the outrage against a late term abortionist likening the shooting of Dr. Tiller, another late term abortionist to one of our great heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? What a despicable slap in the face to the black community. Where are the protests for the young five year old brother who will now have to fight for his life against the memory of his vile treatment at the hands of homosexual pedophiles? Who will fight for him?

Have we become so victim minded that we will continue in this spiral of death against our babies and young men? I can only pray that each of you reading this will join me in throwing the second punch. Call out these acts for what they are. Get on TV, Radio, Facebook and Twitter. Sound the alarm. Let us go get our babies. Let us go rescue our men!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What If

This past weekend I experienced two life changing events that cause me to wonder what if. . .

Tavis Smiley, during his Atlanta Accountability Tour, took time to eulogize his Executive Producer, Cheryl Flowers, who at 42, lost her fight with a most extreme form of breast cancer. As he recounted the impact she’d had on his life, I leaned toward a new friend and wondered if Tavis knew of the link between breast cancer and abortion. My friend, literally paled, if black men can pale, then asked me to explain what I meant. I offered him the cliff notes explanation documented in twenty-seven of forty studies that there is a 50% breast cancer risk increase by age 45 for women who have had an induced abortion. He did not know that among women with a family history of breast cancer (mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt), the increase in risk was 80%. If the woman had her abortion before she was 18, the increase in risk was more than 100% (doubled)! 1

At the conclusion of my whispered explanation, my new friend explained that he had lost a child through abortion and the mom died from breast cancer, at an age younger than 45. I am ashamed and saddened to say that while I mumbled “I’m sorry”, I quickly changed the subject from this personal confession toward a more general conversation. I now wonder what if I had not done that to ease my discomfort, but had stopped to mourn his loss with him. What if instead of pushing those emotions back, I had allowed the tears that were threatening to actually flow. What if I had allowed him to work through whatever emotions he was feeling in my presence, rather than diverting the conversation leaving him to mourn at some later time when I would not see his pain? What if . . . ?

The very next day, I went to Selma, Alabama with another friend, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and daughter of Rev. A. D. King, to walk across the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge. This time we walked for the sake of the unborn. As I made the first step onto the bridge, I literally felt the presence of those who had come before me. I could almost see that historic day in March of 1965 as I was overcome with the presence of those who had marched for equal rights over forty years ago. I heard them in my heart, urging me to not give up the fight for life. I could almost hear them saying “March on, fight on! Your work is not in vain”. I tangibly felt a mantle fall to my shoulders as we slowly walked and it was not until I was midway across the bridge that I was able to gather myself. Never before had I such an experience, a calling, if you will. That feeling that gripped me on the bridge is with me even now.

This morning I woke up wondering what if . . . What if we employ the arsenal of nonviolent weapons left us by those who fathered America’s Civil Rights Movement. What if we accepted the mantle to fight on left by those who marched on the Pettus Bridge? What if we declare a moratorium on abortion and hold sit ins at one or more of the clinics on a Saturday, the abortionists’ busiest day or a Thursday the busiest day for late term abortions? What if we were to boycott those big businesses that fund outfits like Planned Parenthood the organization that target blacks for extermination in their abortion mills? What if we organized today’s version of freedom riders to ride from Maine to California, for the lives of the unborn and for those women harmed by abortion? What if we gathered on the Washington Mall in 2010 to memorialize the fifty million lives taken at the hands of abortion providers? What if . . .?

What I know is that we can no longer do what I did, and change the topic. We must meet the challenge head on. We must march on and fight on because our work is not in vain.