Thursday, August 20, 2015

Planned Parenthood and 21st Century Ethnic Cleansing

I am just now able to breathe again after watching the seventh video from the Center for Medical Progress. My first reaction? Is this really happening in America – the land of the free, the home of the brave.? Our fathers and grandfathers fought wars to contain this kind of evil that threatened America and her allies. Many gave their lives to ensure the huddled masses, the poor, those yearning for liberty had a golden door that could be entered where liberty could be found. I can’t imagine anyone of them thought Nazi-like behavior could happen in this country.

The information provided in the seven videos and the behaviors of the Planned Parenthood and Stem Express employees is happening here and it is reminiscent of Nazi Germany at the height of their ethnic cleansing campaign. In our case the most vulnerable among us, babies in the womb, are being dismembered and their body parts sold to the highest bidder to be experimented upon. And, as was the case with the Nazi government, the United States Government is complicit. The government that allowed Blacks and other people of color to be defined as sub-human; that allowed Blacks and other people of color to be relegated to the back of the bus, is the government that today turns a blind eye to Planned Parenthood’s targeting of Black and other women of color and their babies.

I know many of you are wondering out loud about how the government is complicit. Planned Parenthood has been a recipient of Title X funds since the Congress first gave grants in 1965. They have become adept at assuring the public they are a leading provider of services to poor women of color ( i.e.   family planning, contraception, education and counseling, breast and pelvic exams, breast and cervical cancer screening, screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV, education about preventing STDs and HIV and counseling for affected patients, referrals to other health care resources). In fact they often use the Black infant and maternal mortality rate to justify construction of facilities as well as receipt of taxpayer funds. They shamelessly claim Planned Parenthood is the “main healthcare provider to women of color and the poor.

What they are not saying is that every penny of Title X money they receive is in violation of the law. Section 1008 of the Title X statute and 42 CFR 59.5(a) (5), prohibits those who do abortions as a method of family planning from receiving funds.  Since 1973, when statutes that prohibited abortion were struck down, Planned Parenthood has been an abortion provider. In 2010, they actually changed their business model, requiring all affiliates to begin providing abortion services. And the government has turned a blind eye at both the federal and state level. In fact, the states have gone even further by refusing to inspect and hold accountable these centers that have a reputation of injuries, Medicaid fraud and other violations of the state criminal and civil laws.

Planned Parenthood has constructed larger and larger surgical centers, seventy-nine percent of which are in a two mile walking radius of a Black or Latino neighborhood. Planned Parenthood is able to collect $450 -1600.00 per abortion (a minimum of $147,000,000 each year) while using taxpayer money to dissect mostly black, mostly poor babies, selling their body parts while reaping even greater profits. Even if they do not have the consent of the mother. As we learned in the last two videos some of those babies are born alive and some were cut into with scissors in order to harvest their brains. And Planned Parenthood employees think it is “cool” that the baby’s heart continues beating as they begin the process.

Black and other women of color are lured into the mostly for ‘colored’ and poor only abortion centers Planned Parenthood intentionally placed in their neighborhoods. Black and other women of color are paying to sometimes be molested, sometimes exposed to disease, sometimes have a perforated uteri, and other times face non-licensed personnel dispensing medication.  Black and other women of color and poor women are sometimes killed in a wanton disregard for life while being told without Planned Parenthood, none of the other 3500 Title X centers will be able to provide those same services.

Jim Crow is alive and well in this nation and in the 21st century it looks like Planned Parenthood and all those that defend them. The ethnic cleansing is happening. Will you take a stand or will you just Sing a Little Louder (.

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