Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Healthcare You Can Expect from Planned Parenthood

On July 26, 2015, Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, visited ABCs “This Week”. In an attempt to persuade America to side with her organization, Richards made the following statement: “Planned Parenthood has broken no laws. We have the highest standards. The care and safety of our patients is our most important priority”. Let’s take a moment to examine a few examples of the care women can expect to receive in one of Planned Parenthood’s surgical centers where baby parts are collected and sold.

Emergency 911 records revealed a February 20, 2015, incident where a 38-year old pregnant patient suffered seizures and was unresponsive. The Planned Parenthood worker at first told the 911 dispatcher that the woman had no history of seizures, then corrected herself and indicated the patient had a medical history of seizures and suffered an episode just four months prior.

Ambulances were called to the Bedford Heights, Ohio Planned Parenthood abortion center on March 27 and May 11, 2015. In both cases “advanced life support” was administered on the scene, indicating that the emergencies were more serious in nature than “basic life support” incidents.

For the 28th time in less than six years, a patient of the Central West End Health Center of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for emergency care that could not be provided by Planned Parenthood.

911 recordings show that a Planned Parenthood patient in Spokane Washington who was transported to the hospital on April 15, 2015, was hemorrhaging.

In May, 2015 an abortion patient in Lincoln, Nebraska suffered a medical emergency and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment that the Planned Parenthood facility was not equipped to provide. 

After just 42 days in business, a patient at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Victorville, CA was rushed to the hospital suffering from an unspecified medical emergency. However, the Victorville clinic is not supposed to be doing abortions. 

During late summer or early fall of 2012, Carla M. Murray complained to her supervisor, Thelma Mendoza, that the clinic was violating the law by permitting non-licensed personnel to gain access to a locked medication cabinet and dispense medication to patients after a teenager was given a Depo-Provera shot against her will. Murray was fired.

On May 3, 2012, Timothy  David Smith transported his thirteen-year-old step-daughter to Planned Parenthood in Denver, Colorado, for an abortion appointment that Timothy had forced her to schedule. None of the four Planned Parenthood staff reported or questioned Smith or his step daughter on the relationship. Instead they gave her an abortion, a birth control shot and sent her back home with her abuser who had been abusing her since she was six.

On July 20, 2012, a Chicago, Ill Planned Parenthood abortionist botched a second trimester abortion on a young African-American woman named Tonya Reaves. While Reaves’ life ebbed away, the abortionist delayed her transport to the hospital for 5½ hours. She spent the time in between scraping Reaves womb another two times, performing several other abortions

Planned Parenthood paid out $1.5 million in damages to the family of a 14-year-old, after she sustained permanent injuries from an abortion procedure performed by Colin Walters.

These are just a few examples of the health care that is Planned Parenthood’s priority. Their health care results in aiding and abetting child molesters; providing  substandard care that results in the hospitalization of patients and sometimes infertility and the ultimate price, substandard care that results in death. Women beware - Planned Parenthood’s multi-billion dollar care is a trap and snare for you, your baby and your baby’s body parts. Beware!

*Many thanks to Operation Rescue for chronicling these examples.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Abortion as Healthcare? Not so Much

Barbara Lee, D, Representative for California’s 13th district, introduced a bill to allow taxpayer funding for abortion. While many considered her offering nothing more than a publicity ploy, I think it was something more. Her offering is a deliberate write off of her Black constituents. She and many others in the Congressional Black Caucus have done this  for years - favored the Caucasian eugenics advocates who so craftily push for removal of all restrictions when considering abortion – a part of their population control agenda.  Everyone knows the open secret of abortion: Black and Latina women are routinely targeted and Planned Parenthood's Negro Project ensures population control targets are met. 

Using the usual inflammatory rhetoric, Congresswoman Lee made claims designed to incite- women are under attack because taxpayer dollars are not allowed to fund abortion. Her bill, The Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Coverage Act, would allow the use of taxpayer funds in what they call abortion care. In order to achieve this lofty goal, Congresswoman Lee and those supporting the EACH Woman Act called for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment so that women can make the best healthcare decision for herself and her family. 

Two years ago, while presenting opening arguments in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the most heinous serial killer in the nation’s history, Defense Attorney Jack McMahon said:  “They want to put Mayo Clinic standards on a West Philadelphia clinic. If you want Mayo Clinic standards, go to the Mayo Clinic.”  This opening salvo framed the reality that the healthcare pro-abortion supporters are willing to allow poor women entering a “low-cost, urban, poverty-stricken clinic” to face are Gosnell like conditions even if it may cost them their lives. Never mind the odors, rusted and blood stained equipment, pipes and toilets clogged with aborted baby parts. Ignore the aborted baby parts lining the walls and separate but equal waiting rooms. Ignore the reality that those giving you anesthesia are high school students and ill equipped to respond to an emergency.  

Pro-abortion forces say the expectation of these women should be an environment of substandard medical care that may render them infertile or dead as has been the case with so many young, vibrant Black women that entered abortion centers in a growing list of states including California  Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, NY, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts, and Maryland.  After all that is what they face each time they go into one of the centers the states have not inspected or enforced the laws against. McMahon, Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Federation, National Abortion Rights Action League, and others have worked tirelessly to ensure that abortion centers remain below the medical standards most expect of a facility where surgery is performed. They repeatedly defy state efforts to raise the medical standards in the centers, almost always stating raising the standards would require the closing of facilities because most abortionists can't meet them. Almost every salvo launched by those supporting abortion creates the illusion that women are being harmed by abortion restrictions. Yet, the facts show that the harm not from the restrictions, but from the abortion industry itself.
All across America there are reports of woman after woman being injured, molested, and/or assaulted in one of the unregulated abortion centers that dot urban areas.  Planned Parenthood has strategically placed more than 79% of its surgical centers within a two mile walking radius of a Black or Latina neighborhood. The stories surfacing from these and other abortion centers are not only horrifying, but life and fertility threatening
- Tonya Reaves bled for more than five hours in a Chicago Planned Parenthood. By the time they sought emergency medical treatment, it was too little to late and Tonya died.
- Twenty year old Rasheedah  Dinkins sought abortion services in a New Jersey center where she suffered massive hemorrhaging, a coma, a stroke and a hysterectomy in a second trimester abortion. Because of the abortion care she received, she will never have children and barely escaped with her life.
- Despite a finding by the Florida Medical board that abortionist Randall Whitney’s behavior created a danger to public health and safety, he was only fined $7500 after slapping a patient. 
-On March 10, 2015 James Scott Penderegraft, IV was observed sneaking into one of the five abortion centers he owns in Florida and was the only abortionist on the premises that day. Although his license is suspended and he is not authorized to practice in Florida, he performed abortions on several women before the police arrived. The police, however, refused to take action or ask questions. Florida media refused to report the story. 
- In his abortion career Arizona abortionist Brian Finkel had more than 30 complaints filed against him that ranged from allegations he "felt up" some of his patients to negligence. The complaints went unheeded until 2001 when he was arrested on 16 counts of sexual molestation, one victim stating he held his hand over her mouth as he assaulted her. By the time of the trial in 2004, Finkel was facing 67 counts of sexual abuse and molestation. Of the one hundred women who contacted the police stating they were victims of his abuse, thirty five actually testified. No one knows the actual number of women assaulted in his center.

These are just a few of the numerous stories of substandard care provided in America’s abortion centers and state after state refuses to prosecute or hold accountable those abortionists that violate state civil and criminal laws. This is the abortion care that Congresswoman Barbara Lee and others want taxpayers to pay for. Abortion care is not healthcare and more often than not, your daughter, niece, cousin, sister or auntie will pay the price. We pray it is not with their lives…..

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Finding Justice in an Unjust Law, II

just behavior or treatment.
But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!(Amos 5:24)

I don’t believe in ghosts. But the deaths of Tonya Reaves and LaKisha Wilson haunt me, frequently breaking my rest – two young women, vibrant women taken away by the substandard care provided in the abortion arena. Their deaths are reminders of the injustice foisted on women through abortion.  Let me explain. Tonya Reaves died in a Planned Parenthood abortion center located at 18 S. Michigan Avenue. This location is important to note because according to their website they are not equipped to perform surgical abortions. In the deposition given by the doctor that performed the abortion, over a five hour period she went back in and scraped Tonya’s uterus an additional two times but was not able to complete the abortion. Five hours after she began, she finally called for an ambulance that did not arrive for another thirty minutes.  Six and a half hours after the procedure was initiated the trauma hospital where she was taken was able to successfully complete the abortion. Sadly, eleven hours after the procedure  was started, the hospital found an uncontrollable bleed, but was unable to save Tonya’s life when she coded during the surgery.

To me and others it seemed that Mandy Gittler, the abortionist in this case, did not care about Tonya or her life. Gittler had no sense of urgency to get lifesaving help to her patient, instead she chose to  focus on doing other abortions in between scraping Tonya’s insides.   Gittler was almost cavalier in her responses during her deposition when she blamed Tonya’s (nonexistent) two chamber uterus. Later Gittler stated Tonya did not want to go the hospital because she “felt fine”, despite the notes in the record that she had heavy bleeding throughout her ordeal. Gittler did what Tonya could not, she walked away from the abortion center all the while assigning blame to her patient, her supervisor and even Tonya’s mother!

LaKisha, according to her record, visited several abortion centers in the Cleveland area before landing at Preterm on Shaker Blvd. Claiming they provide safe, compassionate abortion care, she trusted them to terminate her pregnancy. Unfortunately, the care LaKisha received that fateful day in March was neither safe nor compassionate. Information recently received in the prolife community reveals Preterm broke the laws of the State of Ohio because Lakisha was more than the legally allowed 20 weeks pregnant. But Preterm has friends in the Ohio Health Department that swept the violations under the proverbial rug. Ohio ignored the gestational age of the child and ignored the fact that Preterm did not meet facility codes because the building elevator was broken. The EMTs could not quickly evacuate Lakisha and even if it hadn’t been broken they could not have used a gurney to get her out because the elevator was too small. There were a plethora of other things that confirmed Preterm’s disdain for LaKisha’s life including a lack of a sense of urgency to get her the help she needed. The worker that placed the call for an ambulance could not give the operator vitally needed information to get immediate assistance and when she reported LaKisha was not breathing - at all - and we learned later she was not breathing for more than 28 minutes, she did not sound like she cared.

For reasons that are not clear to me, it appears abortionists get a pass on maintaining the standards of quality care other physicians are held to. Even nail salons and veterinarians  are held to a higher standard than abortionists. When it comes to abortion, state after state has turned a blind eye, allowing violations of laws designed to protect the patient. It is not uncommon to hear of  injuries to women including death, rape, unsanitary conditions, overmedicating the patient, failing to notify parents or obtain their consent where required, failure to report statutory rape and a host of other violations. Kermit Gosnell’s house of horror in Pennsylvania is but one of many examples of the lack of action by the state. Now we have Lakisha’s death and it is clear the state of Ohio ignored the violations of the law. There are many examples of abortionists violating the laws and only when they have done so numerous times, will a state take action to shut them down. Pendergast in Florida, Finkel in Arizona, Patel in Oklahoma, Virmani in North  Carolina, Alexander in Michigan are just a few of the abortionists that lost their licenses after a long list of violations of state law.
Last year a huge battle erupted in Texas. The state decided to require abortion centers to meet the standards of medical care required of surgical centers and physicians. The abortion industry sent paid operatives into that state to protest the state’s interest in protecting women from substandard care. These operatives used vile words and body waste to express their disdain for the state, for children in the womb and women. Some of them chanted “hail satan” while vilifying the pro-lifers who were praying and singing hymns.

The politics of abortion have prevented these women and others from receiving justice.  The politics of abortion allows callous abortionists to destroy the babies in the womb and their mothers without repercussion. We can no longer allow  “the rights of a life developing in the womb” to “outweigh the rights of the person carrying it, or that she has an obligation once pregnant to provide society with a live, full-term infant” as one pro-abortion supporter bragged. Nor can we continue allowing women, mostly Black, mostly poor, to be destroyed in the name of reproductive rights. It is time to  …let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (Amos 5:24). Yes, it is time for justice and righteousness to once again prevail – for the babies, for Tonya, for Lakisha.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Finding Justice in an Unjust Law

Thursday marked the forty second year of legalized abortion in the United States. Forty two years ago, the  Supreme Court ruled little human beings inside the wombs of their mothers are not persons as defined in the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. As they had done in the Dred Scott ( , and Plessy v. Ferguson ( decisions, they ignored what they could see with their own eyes and instead objectified babies just as they had Blacks by removing them from the spectrum of humanity. They gave the mother a right to abort by placing the fictitious right of privacy above the constitutionally defined right to life of the child. Now forty two years later, very few remember the humanity of the child. Instead the culture has embroiled itself in the politics of the matter and almost  fifty eight  million lives later the nation is no closer to ending the slaughter of babies than it was when this battle began.

Until 2003, politics allowed abortionists to partially birth babies  then plunge instruments into their brains to kill them before pulling them completely out of the womb. Instead of protecting the lives of the innocents, politics  allows some babies to be pulled apart limb by limb each and every day in one of America’s 549 surgical abortion centers. Ask the mothers who heard the nurses count the baby's body parts whether they were human persons. Politics has allowed some babies to be birthed alive and then killed as was the case in Kermit Gosnell’s Pennsylvania house of horror. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did nothing to stop him until 2010 and then only after the DEA forced their hand.  Each and everyday politics allows abortionists to inject digoxin into the hearts of babies to stop its beating so their moms can deliver a dead child. The politics of abortion allowed the Oakland California police to stand idly by while white feminists disrupted a memorial led by Black Pastors for the millions of babies lost to abortion. These women demand abortion without apology and they defy you and I to stop them from killing the innocents.

Abortion politics has allowed the violation of state laws even when the outcome is the death of the woman. This was evident in the case of LaKisha Wilson in Ohio. LaKisha, 22, suffered heavy blood loss that resulted in cardiac arrest. We have now learned that Lakisha’s pregnancy was beyond the legal limit for abortions in Ohio. We have also learned the center where the operation occurred was non-compliant with facility codes and the broken elevator delayed the EMT squad getting her out and to the nearest hospital. LaKisha is not alone in the death roll call and we mourn the deaths of  Tonya Reaves, Semika Shaw, Sherika Mayo, Edrica Goode, Denise Crowe, Laura Hope Smith, Tamiia Russell, Antonesha Ross and the many other women who died at the hands of substandard abortionists that fuel the multi-billion dollar  industry.

The politics of abortion allows America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, to use taxpayer dollars to deny Black babies and their mothers, the civil and inalienable right to life as they target them for execution when they locate the lion share of their abortion centers within a two mile walking radius of a Black and/or Latina neighborhood. The politics of abortion allows population control enthusiasts to give millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood to deprive Black and Latina babies the right to life. Many of these enthusiasts are supporters of eugenics and they have no qualms about targeting Black women and babies with their dollars to get “rid of the populations we have too many of” as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed in 2009. The politics of abortion allows Planned Parenthood to disguise their racist roots in the Negro Project, designed to control the birthrate of those their founder deemed undesirable.

America may not have the political will to end abortion, but I believe America has the moral will to end the destruction of our innocents. Abortion takes the lives of babies who are persons indeed and justice will be served when we recognize they are entitled to the protection of the 14th amendment. Justice will be served when states are no longer allowed to violate their own laws by turning a blind eye to the havoc abortionists are wreaking on women and babies in the womb. Justice will be served when abortionists can no longer steal taxpayer money as they destroy the lives of the babies and more and more frequently their mothers.  Justice and righteousness will again meet to end this scourge that has devastated men, women and families across the nation. May justice come now.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The War against Black Population Growth

Abortions’ racist foundation has been effectively concealed from the beginning and most in the Black community do not realize the war against black family reproduction began in 1916 with the founding of Margaret Sangers’ Birth Control League. By the late 1930’s Sanger, in concert with Clarence Gamble (Proctor and Gamble) launched a specific project against the Black family – The Negro Project that “… sought to bring about a major birth-rate reduction among American Negroes”.* The Negro Project enlisted ministers to aid in promoting the project,  and Gamble proposed physicians join them.  He said “There is great danger that [the project] will fail because the Negroes think it a plan for extermination. Hence let’s appear to let the colored run it.…

Not much has changed except the growing list of Blacks Planned Parenthood has convinced to join their genocidal program that is steeped in the eugenics/population control movement. Today Black ministers, entertainers and other leaders are used as tools to not only conceal this design, but to encourage its victims to participate in their own ethnic cleansing. Major corporations, many of whom support getting “rid of populations we don’t want too many of”**, fund Planned Parenthood's targeting of Black and other women of color while  increasing what they call their “ineffective outreach” ***that in some cities has resulted in more Black babies being aborted than born alive.

Tasha Smith, a Tyler Perry favorite actress, is the latest to join the growing list of Black entertainers willing to ignore Planned Parenthood’s racist history in favor pushing their sisters, cousins, daughters and aunties into the abortion centers that dot Black neighborhoods.  Tasha, Gabrielle Union, Star Jones and others ignore the reports coming out of the hood of the many women injured in the centers. They ignore the stories that reveal how Black women are writhing, sometimes on the floor, curled into the fetal position because of the pain they experience after a botched abortion. They ignore the increasing number of young, vibrant Black women dying at the hands of substandard abortionists, instead “choosing” to promote abortion over every other option.

I read a report today about a Michigan abortionist, Robert Alexander, who testified he has had a bi-polar disorder since he was 19. He was pleading to be allowed to continue his practice, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act as his shield. His abortion center had been shut down by the Fire Department after they determined it posed a “danger to human life”. This abortionist had been operating for years in this environment while his friends in high places covered for his substandard care:

Since Kermit Gosnell, the original “House of Horrors” abortionist was discovered; there has been a marked uptick in the numbers of women being injured in these centers. For years statisticians reported 3% of the more than 1.2 million abortions each year required hospitalization. Last last year they began to report it is 5%****. That is more than 60,000 women a year leaving the abortion center injured, sometimes in the back of an ambulance. Kermit Gosnell, Robert Alexander and the growing number of substandard providers around the country are the rule rather than the exception. Yet, Planned Parenthood argues that requiring these abortionists to meet ambulatory surgical center standards is a hardship that denies Black women access to abortion. They work to convince America that doctors who cannot get admitting privileges to nearby hospitals should be able to keep butchering women because doing so ensures poor women can receive “reproductive justice”.  So what that they are getting two for one, the mother and the baby die,because it moves them closer to their Nazi-like ethnic cleansing goals.

Planned Parenthood knows no boundaries as it rabidly pursues the lives of Black babies and women. Perpetuating the Black women are violent stereotype, they urge Black women to attack Black legislators that have taken the lead to protect women entering the abortion centers. One example of this is the Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood Director that urged local activist Deon Haywood of Women with a Vision, to “kick the ass” of Katrina Jackson, a Black legislator who authored Louisiana’s most recent pro-life legislation. Or they pump thousands into campaigns to defeat Black legislators who dare to stand against their abortion at all costs stance as Pennsylvania Legislator Margo Davidson did when she voted to regulate abortion mills in her state so no woman would die in the same manner as her cousin who was butchered by Kermit Gosnell.

I pray Tasha, Gabrielle, Star, Nia, Kelli and all the other Black ministers, elected officials, and leaders will come out from among those that are killing us. I pray they will join me, Alveda King, Day Gardner, Star Parker, Angela Minter, Zina Hackworth, Connie Eller, LaVerne Tolbert,  LaKita Wright, Christina Bennett, DeHaviland Ford and the hundreds of other Black women that recognize and work against the hand of death that is Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Taking It To The Streets – Getting Planned Parenthood Out of Our Communities

This weekend I was privileged to serve with Arnold Culbreath, Dean Nelson, Alveda King, and Ryan Bomberger in Cincinnati, Ohio at the 26th Annual Black Family Reunion that was held at Sawyer Point. A number of vendors, organizations and entertainers gathered to inform, educate, feed and entertain attendees. Protecting Black Life, Arnold’s organization, hosted a booth and we were able to interact with a number of Cincinnati Black Families, informing them of the genocidal impact abortion has had on the Black community. After settling in at the booth, we took time to visit one or two others including the both hosted by Planned Parenthood. Three beautiful, vibrant young ladies were there distributing the organizations’ materials. At first I was heartbroken. I was told this was the first time the booth was staffed by blacks. In previous years it had always been staff by white women. Seeing these beautiful young ladies reminded me of the steps Planned Parenthood has taken in their multi-year campaign to reach Black and other women of color. After quizzing the young women I realized the volunteers  had little or no knowledge of Planned Parenthood’s continuing Negro Project launched in 1939 to control the Black birth rate. The paid staffer seemed to have been given a script which she faithfully tried to execute, including telling us she would ask us to leave.

Alveda and Ryan both gave the women something to think about. Alveda spoke of her uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. and how she believes he would never have supported aborting Black babies. She respectfully requested they no longer use her uncle, his image or his words in support the organization's Negro Project. Ryan shared how he had been conceived in rape, and his mother chose to give him life rather than death. He celebrated her decision that allowed him to achieve the possibilities life has placed before him. A number of people came to collect their information, most unaware that women were dying in abortion centers around the country and that many abortionists do not operate their centers under reasonable standards of medical care. In fact, most did not know the doctors cannot get admitting privileges to local hospitals because they have such a poor record of treating women. For these women our information was eye opening to say the least.

I do not know how many of those we spoke with challenged the Planned Parenthood volunteers and staff.  I do not know how many of those we spoke with refused Planned Parenthood’s materials because they had learned of Planned Parenthood’s multi-year campaign to draw women of color into the many unsafe abortion centers that are located within a two mile walking radius of a Black or Latina neighborhood. Maybe it was the reports, from all over the nation, of the women that have been injured and required hospitalization because the abortionist did not exercise care when doing the surgery that slowed the flow of those visiting the Planned Parenthood booth.  Uterus perforations, bowel punctures, infections from unsanitary instruments, hysterectomies, infertility, the list is growing each year as the so called doctors continue in their unsafe practices and very few of those with whom we shared had any idea of the havoc women are facing because of poor medical standards employed within the abortion centers in their neighborhoods. 

I do not know how many of those we spoke with challenged Planned Parenthood about the many women that have died in Planned Parenthood clinics. Women  like Tonya Reaves who was left bleeding in a Chicago Planned Parenthood  for more than five hours before they sought the emergency medical care their “doctor” was unable or unwilling to provide. I do not know how many of those we spoke with reminded the workers of Planned Parenthood’s penchant for covering for pedophiles – as was the case in Arizona when they failed to report a serial rapist to authorities. They have refused to report these rapists that are preying on young girls. Perhaps it was our discussion of the filthy conditions found in a Delaware Planned Parenthood after five botched abortions injured five different women in about a month’s time. We may never know which of our discussions had the greatest impact. What we do know is that Planned Parenthood did not return for day 2 of the Reunion.  And for that we thank God. For that I am no longer heartbroken, but rejoicing.  On day 2 of the Reunion, Blacks and women of color were spared the lies Planned Parenthood spins to lure them into their abortion dens and I can’t help but believe we saved lives.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Black Women Matter, All Women Matter II

While driving to a meeting this past week, a friend of mine shared from a book she was reading. The author was describing an ancient war on women. Steeped in infanticide, and waged during the Roman Empire, the war allowed for girls to be discarded like yesterday’s trash. Fathers were allowed to murder or abandon their daughters for any reason, just hours after her birth.  Girls were viewed as burdens that brought no value to the family. One husband wrote to his wife: “If you are delivered of a child (before I come home), if it is a boy keep it, if a girl discard it.”  

That ancient war on women is not so ancient when viewed through the population control lenses of Planned Parenthood and their eugenicist cohorts in the abortion industry. In fact, many of Planned Parenthood’s population control  benefactors fund them to treat women, especially Black women, with the same disdain that ancient Romans treated women and girls. Except this time they have made it seem Black women are choosing to participate in their own maiming or death.

Increasingly and with calculated efficiency the pro-abortion elitists have woven a tapestry of deception that has women believing the risk to their fertility is a small price to pay for the right to “not be pregnant”( Abortionists openly diminish the more than 60,000 injuries each year that require a woman be hospitalized and in some instances result in her death. They have convinced women that allowing a substandard abortionist to abort their baby is a matter of access to reproductive health care (  that is to be fought for. In their ethnic cleansing enthusiasm, the industry and those that fund it have fought to keep the substandard abortionist in business with no restrictions to their “practice” no matter how many women they injure, maim and maul.  What is both amazing and frightening is that they have no fear of openly telling America their purpose and agenda for getting rid of “the populations we don’t want too many of”(  They openly declare their intention to continue multi-year campaigns to reach into communities of color ( despite statistics that reveal a genocidal impact in the Black community especially.  

In their exuberance to redefine abortion as health care, a series of articles celebrating abortion have cast children as problems, burdens,and/or  inconveniences to the mother who should not have to be pregnant if she does not want to be. One such article went well beyond the bounds of human decency, ridiculing the fact that abortionists are increasingly injuring and yes, killing women in their abortion centers across the country. The so called ministry of this particular abortionist coldly ignores the humanity of the child and health of the mother as he convincingly minimizes the risk to the woman and her ability to have children in the future. He does this while proclaiming himself a Christian that was  raised in the Church. Yes, that is the abortionists’ latest scheme; claim that Jesus would condone aborting babies because it is helping the woman “in her time of need”. They even give women letters signed by various clergy declaring abortion is not morally wrong (

The shift in the language away from "pro-choice " toward “abortion care” has eliminated the idea that abortion is not taking a life. In fact, they now acknowledge that it is a child that the woman should not be required to have unless she wants to ( They even go so far as to state that abortion saves lives (, completely ignoring the many women that have died at the hands of substandard abortionists. These purveyors of death demonically and cavalierly take the lives of their patients without penalty or repercussions. Patients like Tonya Reaves, who was left bleeding after a uterus perforation for more than five hours in a Planned Parenthood facility. When they finally took her to a trauma center, it was too late to save her life. Patients like Edrica Goode who died after Planned Parenthood ignored her medical condition (she had an infection) and performed a second trimester abortion catapulting her into toxic shock syndrome. She did not survive the abortion. Or patients like Sherika Mayo whose sickle cell anemia was ignored and a second trimester abortion performed by one of Planned Parenthood’s preferred providers that left her hemorrhaging at a time she should have been given a blood transfusion. She did not survive the abortionists' health care.

After forty-one and a half years of abortion, they no longer see a need to disguise their appetite for allowing pedophiles to run rampant among our children. Tamiia Russell is one example: the fifteen year old was impregnated by a 24 year old drug dealer. Taken by the sister of the drug dealer to Alberto Hodari, a late term abortionist in Detroit,  Hodari performed the $2,000 abortion leaving Tamiia bleeding so heavily she soaked a mattress according to her mother. She did not survive. Planned Parenthood sent a thirteen year old home with her stepfather after aborting his child. He had been raping her since she was six years old and was only stopped when the mother learned of the abuse. Another Planned Parenthood was sued for failing to report the sexual abuse of a sixteen year old whose father had been raping her since she was thirteen. Because of their failure to report in violation of Ohio law, the father continued raping her for another year and a half. Protecting rapists such as these, the abortion lobby fights to make sure states include rape and incest exceptions in laws designed to protect women. Instead they choose to protect the rapist.

They have no problem violating state laws. Steven Brigham is just one of many abortionists that flaunt their violations as badges of honor. He claims he was acting in good faith when he transported patients from NJ to Maryland in order to complete the late term abortions he started but were illegal in New Jersey ( Diane Derzis, who is not a doctor but is celebrated as the “abortion queen” is another purveyor of abortion whose facilities fall far beneath reasonable medical standards. Her facility in Birmingham, Alabama was forcibly closed down after a center reviewer found 76 pages of health code violations and three women were seriously injured. She still operates squalid centers in other states - Mississippi and Georgia included. When Texas raised its standards to ambulatory surgical center levels, one abortionist that refused to or could not meet those standards continued performing more than two hundred fifty abortions before he was forcibly closed down ( These abortionists think themselves above the law.

In the 1960’s there was a sitcom called Lost in Space. Every time a person or thing was near to harming his human, the robot, with arms flailing and antennae circling, called out “Danger, Danger Will Robinson”! Just call me robot. Danger, danger Black women, all women! Abortion is not safe!!!! The ancient war against women has been resurrected and is now destroying not only the girl babies, but more times than are counted the mother’s fertility as well. And, the increasing roll call of vibrant young women who do not make it out of America’s abortion dens alive is an attestation to the fact that the coat hanger has simply put on a suit and going in the front door to destroy women and their hopes and dreams. 

Danger, danger Black women, all women! Abortion is not safe!!!!