Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nightmare on Powers Ferry Road

I do not ever watch horror stories. Ever. Yet, I find myself in the midst of a real horror story that happened right here in Georgia, at an abortion center on Powers Ferry Road. And unlike the movies where the monster is stopped from harming others, this monster is still performing abortions and billing taxpayers for it!

It was 10:00 a.m., October 7, 2009 when this young woman sought an abortion. She was the last patient of the day. Upon entering the center she paid $250 in cash and gave them her Medicaid card, understanding Medicaid was to be billed the remaining $200.00 for the $450.00 abortion. Shortly thereafter she was given a sonogram and 5 pills, one of which was an antibiotic and the rest she was told was for pain. After drawing blood another technician gave her another pill that she was told to place in her vagina. She was led to a room where other patients were to await her turn to go into the procedure room. It was here that she encountered a sixteen year old that was drooling (because of the medication she had been given) and crying because she needed help to the bathroom. As the young woman helped her to the bathroom, the teen explained she was back for a second procedure because when she got home the night before she realized the baby was still inside her.

Despite having had a narcotic administered, the patients were told to walk downstairs (unescorted by clinic staff) and change into a gown. Periodically center staff came to "check" on them to see if the narcotic had taken effect. When a Latina patient began acting drunk she was taken to another room where the procedure was performed. But the drugs were not having the desired effect on the young woman, so she was led, finally, to the procedure room where an Asian man inserted an IV into her hand. The drugs, she said, burned as they entered her body and the last thing she remembered was screaming. Twenty four hours later, after having been carried from the abortion center by her brother, the young woman awoke, at home, feverish, her daughter reporting it to be 103.5. She called the doctor's office repeatedly, to no avail, each time she was told the doctor was not available. Finally she called her brother to take her to the hospital after the doctor's office again informed the doctor was not available and instructed her to go to Atlanta Medical Center. By the time her brother arrived to take her to the hospital, her temperature had gone up to 105 degrees. The hospital, she reports, failed to do an ultrasound, believing she was suffering from endometriosis. They gave her an antibiotic and sent her home. Days later she was still suffering and called her regular OB/GYN who did perform an ultrasound to see what was going on. To everyone's horror the patient was still pregnant, but the baby was dead. Immediately admitting her into the hospital, several rounds of antibiotics were administered twenty-four hours a day until the infection was reduced and the baby could be removed.

Once released from the hospital the young woman learned the reason she had not been able to reach Daniel McBrayer was because he had been arrested for assaulting a woman at a traffic light( He punched her in the face. This is the same Daniel McBrayer that the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports was disciplined in 2001 for completing a late term abortion.

The young woman took every step she could to hold Daniel McBrayer accountable. She consulted attorneys but could not find one to take her case. She filed a complaint with the medical board that has mysteriously disappeared and the investigator, Lemuel Roberts has retired. However before he retired in September, 2011, Mr. Roberts told her that she would get an apology from McBrayer, he would return her money and demerits would be placed on his license. None of those things ever happened. How could this happen in an abortion center that completes 3,000 or more abortions annually and the state not take action? I have learned that this center is not licensed. It does not have to be because McBrayer says it is his office and doctor's offices are exempted from licensing no matter how many abortions they perform. Even if it was licensed I am not confident the state would take action. They have not taken action against Atlanta Women's Medical Center that perforated the uterus of a woman in 2011. Their inspection revealed AWMC had violated the state issued waiver, were not sterilizing instruments in accord with their own policies, and were not charting patient information properly. Yet there is no record of any penalty for their violations. The state did not take action in 2009 when a young woman bled to death as a result of a late term abortion performed by Tyrone Malloy, at another abortion center ruled a doctor's office,

What can Georgia women expect from our government? Clearly it is a hands off policy that has left a trail of dead, injured and wounded women all across this state. We can expect a lack enforcement of laws the Georgia Constitution demands our Governor take care to uphold. We can expect abortionists to repeatedly injure women without repercussion. We can expect a lack of action to close the hole that has allowed abortion centers to operate as doctor's offices rather than the ambulatory surgical centers they are.

Unless. Unless we take action to warn women about the substandard care abortionists are allowed to render in this state. We must demand our Government enforce the laws already on the books, and generate new laws to reign in the substandard medical care so prevalent in the abortion industry. We must demand the state investigate abortionists that bill Medicaid and other federal and state programs for abortions they have performed. Call the Governor today. Together we can make a difference.


Unknown said...

Governor Deal,

I am fully aware that Dr. Daniel McBrayer of the Alpha Clinic in Marietta does not comply with regulations and puts his patients in danger. I personally know several of his former staff members who are able and willing to testify to the illegal activity that is rampant in that clinic.

I am urging you to take action against this facility and see to it that it is not just shut down, but you take it upon yourself personally to have McBrayer's license revoked.

You will be hearing from me and others like me constantly until this is seen through, and I will make it my mission to expose McBrayer's illegal practices as well as your willingness to turn the other cheek and simply pass it on to your commissioner.

You call yourself a pro-life governor. It's time to prove it. This is not just about the thousands of abortions McBrayer performs yearly. It's about the women he endangers and the fact that you are abetting such practices by ignoring them.

Jennie Stone

Vivian Wilkinson said...

Dr. Daniel McBrayer helped me and my first husband conceive (at a very low cost). He held my hand when I had a miscarriage. He helped me second husband and I conceive twins and he prayed with me when I lost the twins due to physical abuse from my second husband. He is a good doctor and a good man. He always took up time with me and I never had to sit and wait on him for over 15 minutes. I mentioned this to him one time and he told me he took his son to an emergency room one time with a broke arm and had to wait over three hours and he told himself then that he would he would never make his patients wait on him like that. I thought about him yesterday when I was waiting for an hour and a half at a doctors office so I decided to look him up on the internet and saw all these bad things about him. I don't know what happened, but this is not the Dr. McBrayer I know, so rather than pass judgment, I'm going to pray for him because I know somewhere that good doctor and good man is there.
Vivian Couch Wilkinson

Miracle said...

Your not lying I have used him before and he has messed me up where I've had to come back too.. Thank god he has retired this year and no longer in practice