Monday, August 20, 2012

Action Alert 2: Georgia Women in Danger

Tears stream from my eyes because of the destruction of my people! Lamentations 3:48 (NLT)

Someone posted this comment on my blog post of last night ( "I'm not comfortable with calling Gov Deal and demanding that the killing centers follow state regulations on sanitation and elevators. I understand the idea --- slow 'em down for a little while by tying up some of their blood money in conforming to standards ---- but how will it look if the babies' fellow Georgians call in the hundreds demanding that they be murdered according to nice state regulations? What we needed to do in 1973 and every year since then is call in the thousands, every day, and demand that the Gov and legislature of GA nullify Roe v. Wade and simply enforce the murder/manslaughter laws in our Code against doctors, nurses and anyone else who performs abortions."

Really? Has the abortion debate become so politicized that we would not want to protect women from the physical harm is that heaped on top of the trauma of terminating the life of a child? Today there are women all over Georgia facing the same uterine perforation as the patient who was harmed in October of 2011. There are women all over Georgia facing the same death that happened in 2009 in one of these unregulated abortion centers. I pray our hearts have not become so calloused that we do not care about these women who actually believe the lie that abortion is the safest surgical procedure in the United States and Canada. I pray that our hearts are not so dark that we would not call the Governor and whoever else we need to call to ensure that the State of Georgia is not a party to the physical maiming or death of women.

Our state through our laws, policies and procedures has promoted a standard of medical care that creates an expectation of protection, whether through tort law or Georgia Code provisions. Before this information became available, I believed that every abortion center was subject to that standard of medical care. To learn this is not the case and has not been the case over the past 40 years is beyond troubling. Many of the abortionists in this state and the nation are not well credentialed. Some such as the physician in North Carolina who ranted about "ugly black babies" ( do not have privileges in local hospitals because of their dismal surgical performance. Others are being investigated for fraud as they bill the government for abortions through Medicaid ( . Centers such as the one in Chicago that did not get medical assistance for a patient whose abortion they botched show a wanton disregard for women and their "reproductive health" ( The reality is that the state of Georgia cannot assure us these atrocities are not routinely happening here. They have no way of knowing because they do not enforce the laws of the state and when they learn of a violation they take no steps to bring the violators into compliance.

Can we in good conscience ignore that our laws are violated with the blessing of our state? I cannot. I pray you will join me in calling our Governor and the Department of Community Health to make sure Georgia shows leadership in making sure every abortionist in Georgia is held accountable for violations of our laws.

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