Friday, March 25, 2011

To My Sisters: Let’s Talk About It

There are some words that once spoken, cause a reaction. Abortion is one of those words. Simply speaking the word out loud in front of some would be cause for debate. Within moments of the word being uttered, the rhetoric would begin to fly with the rapidity of firing an AK-47. Those for abortion would fire off their arguments in pro-abortion language and those against abortion would fire off their arguments in prolife language. Within nanoseconds of its introduction, the conversation would no longer be about abortion, but would morph into a discussion about the economy, contraception or social justice concerns, i.e. you don't care about the children that are here. If someone were to attempt to bring the discussion back to abortion, again, it would soon become a discussion of everything but the topic at hand. Yet the discussion must be had. So how do we do it?

I urge you, with all urgency, to get these side discussions out of your system before we begin. The discussion to which you are being invited is not about contraception. It is not about the economic concerns of those seeking the abortion. The discussion is not about the social justice concerns that plague black folk in America. This discussion is about abortion and its impact on women and the black community. So if you must, get in the mirror and argue the other issues out. Get all the rhetoric out of your system and then prepare to join us for a real look at abortion in America in the 21st century.

In preparation for our discussion, homework is required. There is a bevy of information that should be considered. Let's start with the numbers. New York City is the most extreme example of abortion out of control. In 2009, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1489 died in an abortion chamber ( In Georgia more than 59% are performed on black women ( In Alabama (( than 57% of the abortions are on black women. In Mississippi ( the number jumps to more than 78% on women of color (Mississippi has only a 2.7% Latino population). There is a pattern no matter where you look across the country of abortions being performed on black women at three, four and five times their rate in the population of each state. I recommend you take a look for yourself.

Contrary to the claims of the National Abortion Federation and other abortion providers, abortion, is not among the safest medical procedure available. Abortion is a surgical procedure that has left a wake of dead and reproductively maimed women across the nation. Horror stories like that out of Philadelphia ( are just the tip of the iceberg in the discussion of how women and children have suffered at the hands of abortionists throughout the nation. Kermit Gosnell, Stephen Brigham, Bertha Bugarin, James Pendergraft, Eileen Riley, Nicola Riley, Andrew Sutherland, Arturo Apolinario, Albert Dworkin, Rapin Osathanondh, Tyrone Malloy
and George Shepard, are just a few of a growing list of abortionists that have killed or reproductively maimed women. Perforated uterus/bowel, pulling out of the intestines, spreading venereal disease through unclean instruments and leaving parts of babies in utero are just a few of the complaints about these abortionists, some of whom have never been licensed to practice medicine in any state. None of these abortionists had the woman's health interest at heart. Most were in it for the multi millions of dollars they reaped. No one warned the women not to seek the services of these butchers, including the National Abortion Federation that visited Kermit Gosnell's clinic in 2009.

In addition to the reproductive maiming that happens across the nation, women are subjected to an increased risk of breast cancer as a result of their induced abortions According to available information "Seventy-two epidemiological studies have been conducted since 1957; and 80% of these studies have shown that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer independently of the effect of delaying the birth of a first child." Further information found in health care publications demonstrates an increased incidence of extreme premature birth risk for women with prior induced abortion as well as an increased risk of autism and cerebral palsy for subsequent children And, few if any, discuss or research the psychological impact, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, abortion has had on women ( or those that attempt or succeed at suicide after an abortion Another well-kept secret of the dark side of abortion is that more than 64% of the women obtaining an abortion were coerced – by a parent, the father of the child, a minister or some other person in a trust relationship with the woman.

Abortion hurts women, and every day the degree of harm is becoming clearer. Whether the harm is inflicted through the abortionist, or the risks that come after, we may never know the extent of the harm because the statistics are not collected. We may never know the number of women that have been reproductively maimed and today want children but cannot have them because of a prior induced abortion(s). We may never know the numbers of women that have died at the abortionist's hand, because the abortionist covered his/her tracks by calling the death something other than what it was – a botched abortion. We may never have an accurate count of the number of women now suffering from breast cancer (or who have died from breast cancer) because we refuse to discuss the clearly documented link between induced abortion and breast cancer. Abortion hurts women and we must begin to talk about it.

Just recently, USA today featured an article: Black Population falls in major cities ( Using the recently released 2010 census data, the article pointed to a host of reasons for the decline. What the article failed to include as a discussion point was the impact abortion has had on the decline in the black race across America. All but seven states have experienced some decline in the black population. Only four of the seven saw some degree of increase. These are all matters that we must set aside political doctrine to discuss since the facts reveal we are indeed into depopulation - black genocide. Sisters, lets' talk about it.


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