Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Open Letter to African Americans – Can We Have the Conversation?

Every day, all across America, more than 1500 black babies die in the abortion chambers that dot urban areas where blacks reside. In state after state, the numbers of abortions performed on black women are 2, 3, 4 sometimes even 6 times the number of blacks in the population in that state. In New York City, and perhaps other states that do not publish abortion data by race (CA, IL and FL for example) more black babies are aborted than are born alive.

Recent news out of states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana are horrifying. We are learning that many abortionists are little more than butchers, flagrantly disregarding state and federal laws that establish medical standards of care. These abortion dens do not have medical equipment available to take blood pressure, dispense oxygen or any other lifesaving procedures for those women that are over medicated or reproductively maimed when the abortionist punctures their womb, or pulls out their intestines. Many of these butchers are not even licensed to practice medicine (,,!

Organizations such as the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood are reported to inspect many of these clinics but there is no evidence they have warned one woman not to seek services from these abortionists. Claiming that abortion is one of the "safest medical procedures provided in the United States", these organizations cover up the horrific conditions of clinics all across America. They rabidly promote unfettered abortion, despite reports of women dying in these abortuaries (,,, and women being maimed through careless and negligent medical procedures (,,

Undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood demonstrate a willingness on their part to take money to abort black children ( Other videos show their proclivity to cover up sexual abuse of minors ( and to counsel sex traffickers on avoiding state and federal laws ( There are reports that sixty four percent of all abortions are coerced (

So who is it that is most harmed by abortion? The numbers do not lie. Black women all over the nation are dying from abortion, are being reproductively maimed from abortion, and are being coerced into abortion at greater rates than their Latina, Asian or Caucasian counterparts. Abortions hurts women, and black women are leading in the number of injuries. Yet many of us refuse to look at this issue. Abortion has been shrouded in women's rights for more than thirty eight years and now, the industry is attempting to connect abortion to civil rights. Pro-abortion forces have characterized abortion as the friend of the black woman, skillfully weaving stories of reproductive rights that include the abortion scenario. To them truth is of no consequence as long as abortion is not regulated and black women continue to "choose" to terminate the lives of their children.

Pro-abortion forces are now turning their sights toward stopping any assistance that might convince the woman to keep her child. Pregnancy centers are being attacked through City Council legislation in New York City and Baltimore. Reports are that they the pro-abortion forces are seeking to introduce similar legislation all around the country, demonstrating NARAL's and Planned Parenthood's determination to keep "choice" synonymous with abortion. It is these same pregnancy centers that serve mostly black and brown women, providing clothing, car seats, high chairs and other resources needed to help with a live child.

Sisters, let's talk about this. Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger's depopulation plan that she called the Negro Project is succeeding. Only we can stop it. Let's talk about it.




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