Monday, August 18, 2014

Taking It To The Streets – Getting Planned Parenthood Out of Our Communities

This weekend I was privileged to serve with Arnold Culbreath, Dean Nelson, Alveda King, and Ryan Bomberger in Cincinnati, Ohio at the 26th Annual Black Family Reunion that was held at Sawyer Point. A number of vendors, organizations and entertainers gathered to inform, educate, feed and entertain attendees. Protecting Black Life, Arnold’s organization, hosted a booth and we were able to interact with a number of Cincinnati Black Families, informing them of the genocidal impact abortion has had on the Black community. After settling in at the booth, we took time to visit one or two others including the both hosted by Planned Parenthood. Three beautiful, vibrant young ladies were there distributing the organizations’ materials. At first I was heartbroken. I was told this was the first time the booth was staffed by blacks. In previous years it had always been staff by white women. Seeing these beautiful young ladies reminded me of the steps Planned Parenthood has taken in their multi-year campaign to reach Black and other women of color. After quizzing the young women I realized the volunteers  had little or no knowledge of Planned Parenthood’s continuing Negro Project launched in 1939 to control the Black birth rate. The paid staffer seemed to have been given a script which she faithfully tried to execute, including telling us she would ask us to leave.

Alveda and Ryan both gave the women something to think about. Alveda spoke of her uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. and how she believes he would never have supported aborting Black babies. She respectfully requested they no longer use her uncle, his image or his words in support the organization's Negro Project. Ryan shared how he had been conceived in rape, and his mother chose to give him life rather than death. He celebrated her decision that allowed him to achieve the possibilities life has placed before him. A number of people came to collect their information, most unaware that women were dying in abortion centers around the country and that many abortionists do not operate their centers under reasonable standards of medical care. In fact, most did not know the doctors cannot get admitting privileges to local hospitals because they have such a poor record of treating women. For these women our information was eye opening to say the least.

I do not know how many of those we spoke with challenged the Planned Parenthood volunteers and staff.  I do not know how many of those we spoke with refused Planned Parenthood’s materials because they had learned of Planned Parenthood’s multi-year campaign to draw women of color into the many unsafe abortion centers that are located within a two mile walking radius of a Black or Latina neighborhood. Maybe it was the reports, from all over the nation, of the women that have been injured and required hospitalization because the abortionist did not exercise care when doing the surgery that slowed the flow of those visiting the Planned Parenthood booth.  Uterus perforations, bowel punctures, infections from unsanitary instruments, hysterectomies, infertility, the list is growing each year as the so called doctors continue in their unsafe practices and very few of those with whom we shared had any idea of the havoc women are facing because of poor medical standards employed within the abortion centers in their neighborhoods. 

I do not know how many of those we spoke with challenged Planned Parenthood about the many women that have died in Planned Parenthood clinics. Women  like Tonya Reaves who was left bleeding in a Chicago Planned Parenthood  for more than five hours before they sought the emergency medical care their “doctor” was unable or unwilling to provide. I do not know how many of those we spoke with reminded the workers of Planned Parenthood’s penchant for covering for pedophiles – as was the case in Arizona when they failed to report a serial rapist to authorities. They have refused to report these rapists that are preying on young girls. Perhaps it was our discussion of the filthy conditions found in a Delaware Planned Parenthood after five botched abortions injured five different women in about a month’s time. We may never know which of our discussions had the greatest impact. What we do know is that Planned Parenthood did not return for day 2 of the Reunion.  And for that we thank God. For that I am no longer heartbroken, but rejoicing.  On day 2 of the Reunion, Blacks and women of color were spared the lies Planned Parenthood spins to lure them into their abortion dens and I can’t help but believe we saved lives.


Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY (FDFNY) said...

Come on now! I would love to see people get to it.

Anne said...

I'd love to see pro-life groups get into those same events where Planned Parenthood is. If there are opportunities in the Rochester area, I'd like to know about them. Right to Life has a booth display that can go almost anywhere.