Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black Women Matter, Latina Women Matter, All Women Matter

Planned Parenthood and other abortionists fight, tooth and nail, against raising the medical standards of abortion centers to ambulatory surgical center levels. They push back against those who would try and ensure that any woman walking in an abortion center will not face Gosnellian conditions of filth and disease. One would think PPH and other abortion providers would want to join in that effort since they are billed as the leaders in the fight for women’s rights. They continually tell women, especially women of color, that they are fighting for their right to control their bodies, their right to self-determine. They do this while supporting the work of abortionists that do not meet sound medical standards. These so called doctors cannot get medical privileges at local hospitals mostly because their performance is so bad.

In February of this year, Eyal Press whose father was an abortionist broke rank with the propaganda machine in favor of being truthful about abortion and its impact on communities of color in his feature story, A Botched Operation, published in The New Yorker. He exposed the substandard medical care provided by Steven Brigham an abortionist with centers currently in Virginia and New Jersey. Understanding that many abortionists see it as “as a business, not a social mission, he reported that “as reputable doctors, hospitals, and medical schools increasingly distance themselves from abortions, it became more likely that substandard providers would fill the void”. And they have. All across the country one can hear horror stories about that substandard care including unlicensed personnel performing parts of the medical procedure such as giving anesthesia, instruments not properly sterilized in between use and unsanitary rooms. He confirmed horror stories of “doctors rushing through the procedure while women were in agony, screaming and writhing.” A simple google search will reveal doctor after doctor like Brigham – doctors that have perforated uteri, raped patients, left parts of the baby inside the woman, and some go so far as to kill infants born alive. Many of these same abortionists cover up the crimes of sexual predators that statutorily rape children and then force the child to abort their baby.

In recent months, there have been numerous articles about abortion. Many of them planted by Planned Parenthood and designed to lure Black and Latina women into their abortion centers. In December, 2013, The Root, a website for “news, opinion and culture” for African Americans, ran Kelli Goff’s article where she and other black actresses sang the praises of Planned Parenthood declaring black women were saving the organization (http://bit.ly/1bI5VQJ). One of them went so far as to declare Planned Parenthood “the first line of defense for most lower-income women in America”. A week later Madam Noir, a “sophisticatedly witty and opinionated lifestyle publication for the black woman “ asked whether black women can save a “struggling” Planned Parenthood (http://bit.ly/1iwUJqw) suggesting the organization has “image issues and ineffective outreach in communities of color”. At the same time they acknowledge that Planned Parenthood has launched a “multi-year campaign to boost its outreach to communities of color”. Not to be outdone, Essence joined the fray, publishing a thousand word article suggesting Black women stand to lose when restrictions are applied to abortionists (http://bit.ly/PVtez4). They had no problem telling the reader they are waging a targeted campaign against Black women and other minorities.

At the same time Planned Parenthood is continuing their multi-year campaign to reach communities of color, they put their propaganda machine to work in the broader community. Their allies have begun publishing articles to promote abortion as health care, urging the populace to call it abortion care (http://huff.to/1nODtBr) deeming it vital to addressing the premature birth crisis while preventing infant mortality and maternal death. Yes, the President of the National Organization of Women and Huffington Post want us to believe killing babies by abortion helps babies not die. Yeah, I don't understand it either. Each of these media outlets abandoned the first rule of journalism in favor of pushing the population control agenda, especially in communities of color. They each failed to tell the truth.

And, many of the mothers die at the hands of substandard abortionists. LaKisha Wilson, a 22 year old died of a heart attack due to complications of her abortion. The abortionist cared so little for her she didn’t even cover her body as they removed her from the abortion center. Tonya Reaves, another young 22 year old died a tortuous death at the hands of a Planned Parenthood abortionist. She let Tonya bleed for hours as she continued scraping her uterus three different times trying to remove the baby and failing each time. Fifteen year old Tamia Russell who was raped by a twenty four year old was six months pregnant when his sister took her for the abortion and lied saying she was giving parental consent. Tamia died that day. Semika Shaw was writhing in pain before she died while infection ran throughout her body. These are only a few of those that were fatally impacted and the list of women and girls who die or are rendered infertile grows every day.

It’s almost as if these women did not matter, as if they had no importance or significance. The abortion providers can tell us to our faces they are operating as agents of the population control agenda while they spend billions to convince us that killing our children is a right ordained by God and sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution. That’s right. They have a cadre of clergy that have written a letter to abortion determined women telling them their decision is not morally wrong. They have a huge group of donors that are happy to fund their multi-year campaign to reach into communities of color. The Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, Chase, IBM, Random House, Barclays, and a host of others are pouring dollars into the Planned Parenthood coffers to target women of color. Just like many of them poured into the Nazi campaigns – funding their agenda for ethnic cleansing.

While Planned Parenthood and others lament that their strategy to reach minority women is ineffective, we know that is not so. Just look at the genocidal impact abortion is having on “those we don’t want too many of” as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed in her 2009 New York Times Magazine interview. The statistics in New York have reached genocidal levels in the Black community. So have the numbers in Richmond, Detroit, Atlanta and numerous other cities around the country. Abortion is the tool being used to achieve Planned Parenthood’s goal of an optimum population - all while treating women like they don’t matter. Black women matter. Latina women matter. Caucasian women matter. Asian women matter. Out of our loins have come Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, and other political leaders. Our loins have produced doctors, inventors, educators, military leaders, and business men. We have birthed nations and the men and women to lead them. We matter, and it is time to make sure those bent on destroying the human race recognize it is so.

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