Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ending the War on Women- The Assault Stops Here

Quite the drama has been unfolding in America since 2009 when Gosnell’s House of Horrors was unveiled. News of twenty first century segregation, inducing labor then “snipping" the spinal column of children born alive, and teens sedating patients don’t begin to describe all that was wrong with that Pennsylvania abortion center. And then we heard of Douglas Karpen, a Houston, Texas late term abortionist so diabolical that he twisted the heads of babies off their necks, and sometimes stuck his finger in their throats so they suffocated (as described by former workers in his center). He too catered to late term abortions including those beyond the legal limit, encouraging the workers to simply turn their heads if bothered.

And steeped in the practice of butchering the babies is the little known fact that women also are being butchered - actually injured and sometimes murdered at the hands of the abortionist. Rapin Osathanondh killed Laura Hope Smith. Gosnell killed Semika Shaw and Kanamaya Mongar. Douglas Karpen killed Denise Montoya. Leroy Carhart killed Janet Morbelli. Tyrone Malloy killed Sherika Mayo. The list is long and growing of women entering abortion centers to exercise their “choice”, only to leave in a body bag or ambulance because of the substandard care received at the abortionist’ hand. Tonya Reaves is another that did not make it out alive. She haunts me. A young 24 year old that Planned Parenthood cared so little for, they left her bleeding in one of their facilities for five hours before seeking emergency medical care. She did not have to die. If they had just cared enough about her to move her 1.7 miles down the way to the trauma unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital when they first punctured her uterus, she would be alive and with us today.

Countless women have been and are being mutilated – cervixes ripped, bowels torn, uteri punctured and intestines pulled out, some never to have children again. Even more have been infected with bacterial and/or venereal diseases because the instruments are not properly sterilized, if they are sterilized at all. Steeped in the rhetoric of a woman’s right to choose is the little known fact many of those victimized by the abortionist are black, brown, and poor women from every community around the nation. The utter lack of regard for these women and their health has been disguised in the pro-choice rhetoric we hear every day and untold numbers of unsuspecting women are being traumatized and some even terrorized - to death - at the hands of the abortionists who are little more than the butchers that used to hide in America’s back alleys. They no longer skulk in the dark corners of those alleys. Instead they brazenly enter through the front doors of abortion centers across the nation. Our daughters, nieces, cousins, aunties and friends deserve better.

For the past several days I have been trying to write this post. I have been wrestling with exactly how to sound the alarm. Many of you have kept up with my posts over the years so you know I am committed to changing how Americans in general and blacks in particular, filter the political rhetoric. Do we filter issues through progressive, liberal lenses that embrace an increased government presence in our lives, or do we filter issues through conservative lenses of smaller government and fewer taxes? Actually, I pray that at the end of the day we filter issues through Biblical lenses, leaving the political on the sideline because the political has caused a life and death struggle for many of us. Many of those in the struggle are the black, brown and poor women who have no idea they may not make it out of the struggle alive. When we view the issues through the filter of the Bible, it is a game changer. We then pursue the change as “salt and light” ambassadors whose charge comes from our Lord.

It is time to stop this assault on our daughters, nieces, cousins, aunties and friends. Will you help sound the alarm? Commit with me to tell at least ten women in your sphere of influence about abortion’s real impact on women. Do you know and black women, brown women and/or poor women? Please tell them what is happening to women all over the nation. Please send them this post. Inbox me at talkaboutitcd@gmail.com to enlist in the growing army whose mission is to stop this assault on women. It is not too late to make a difference. Please tell me you will.


Alveda King said...

Well framed, powerfully delivered, very true. AK Atlanta

Doc said...

Seeing the nobility and heroism of chastity is difficult but not impossible. The end of the body is to see God. The end of modern sex education is to see Gosnell. This is really what's at the heart of the modern war for souls. Human sacrifices are being made at the altar of choice because people see no great destiny for their souls. Jesus came to save us, and He sacrificed His Body on the Cross. Seeing the marital embrace on the Cross is to see our human nature lifted up with Him. Make our bodies a living sacrifice. This is the task of the Christian in this age. Or we will perish at the hands of adulterers of Life. The beauty of sexual sacrifice, one for the other, can be taught in hushed tones, when one fixes their eyes on Christ.

Angelique said...

it is so hard to read/hear about these abortionists and their vicious acts on life. Sometimes, I want to stop paying attention, but do not in respect to those who have been murdered. Their voices have been silenced but their spirits live on through people like you Catherine. GOD bless you and all that you do to fight the evil that walks this earth. Your words/actions are powerful and speak loudly amongst the deaf. Keep marching on my friend

gen said...

Women are continually and repeatedly victimized by the abortion industry, but they have no idea. It breaks my heart! Thank you for putting into words what has been rambling around in my head with no words. We need to be salt and light to the world and not grow weary in well doing. Thank you for your example and your challenge. I accept your challenge and I am forwarding your blog to about 100 men and women.