Saturday, April 20, 2013

Honesty, Kermit Gosnell and the Abortion Industry

This morning I came across an article (Yes, let's be honest about Kermit Gosnell's abortion 'house of horrors') that quite frankly took my breath away and not because it was good. In fact I could not decide which emotion would win the day - anger, outrage, or disbelief. Using a picture of the Endangered Species billboard that I was involved with three years ago, the author wrote to persuade the reader that Gosnell was an exception, an aberration that people like me would use to create more laws to restrict abortion in America. She went on to make a series of outrageous statements, painting pro-lifers as terrorists while stating “The goal of "pro-life" activists isn't to draw attention to an illegal butcher in order to protect women and babies. The braying about Gosnell is a ploy to shame the media into covering the issue from the anti-abortion perspective, conflating the illegal procedures performed by Gosnell with safe, legal abortion”.

Jill Filipovic’s idea of honesty is to dismiss the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of one of the most horrific serial murder cases of this and the last century, suggesting that before the pro-life tweet fest that forced coverage,there was extensive coverage of his murderous ways. It does not matter to her that there was not. In fact, Gosnell's House of Horrors did not make the nightly news or page one until a week ago, the fifth week of his trial. Ms. Filipovic like many other abortion supporters, worships at the altar of abortion and at that altar it is easy to dismiss the reality that Gosnell took deliberate steps to destroy the lives of viable children while collecting their body parts as trophies he openly displayed throughout his shop of horrors. What has become clear through his trial is that he cared nothing for the women that paid a thousand or more dollars for his services or for the lives of the children he decapitated.

Jill’s type of honesty allows her to join Gosnell’s defense attorney in suggesting that poor, black and brown women should not expect mayo clinic standards in an urban area. As she brushes aside the reality that the medical standards of many abortionists leave women over-medicated, infected with various STD’s, and even dead, she chooses to spin the indoctrination that the issue faced by these poor, black and brown women was due to a lack of access to abortion and their inability to use Medicaid to pay for it. The last I looked, Gosnell made millions of dollars off of these poor, black and brown women, some paying almost two thousand dollars for the procedure. And there are many other abortionists across the country who are making millions such as the wife and daughter of an Atlanta abortionist that flaunt their wealth in every episode of Big Rich Atlanta. Much of what occurred at 3801 Lancaster is the standard of the abortion industry. Ms. Filipovic like the others that blindly support abortion at all costs, wants America to allow women to continue to be reproductively maimed, keeping abortionists free to shred babies into unholy confetti while providing substandard medical care.

I for one reject the idea that abortion is safe. Ms. Filipovic, on the other hand, believes that “Legal abortion in the United States is today one of the safest medical procedures around”. This, I say, is a lie that has been perpetuated by abortion supporters. I remember Tonya Reaves, who at the hands of Planned Parenthood’s Title X abortionist, was left to hemorrhage to death after her uterus was perforated. They did not seek emergency care for her for more than five hours - she did not have to die. I remember Shirika Mayo whose iron blood count was so low she should have been transfused instead of being given a second trimester abortion by a Planned Parenthood preferred provider, who punctured her uterus and took her life. I remember Jennifer Morbelli who was abandoned by her Title X abortionist when her amniotic fluid seeped into her blood sream. I remember Laura Hope Smith whose abortionist did not know CPR or have oxygen nearby to help resuscitate her after the procedure. These ladies deaths are the tip of the mountain of substandard care provided by many if not most of the abortionists in America.

The idea that abortion is “inaccessible … for low-income women, who are disproportionately women of color, and for rural women” is yet another lie that is being spun on the altar of abortion. Low-income women of color have long been targeted by the abortion industry. In fact, most of the surgical abortion centers of Planned Parenthood are located within a two mile walking radius of a Black or Latino neighborhood as documented by Protect Black Life's 2012 study. This is the same Planned Parenthood that wants America to believe their primary service gives “women the tools to both prevent unintended pregnancy and care for wanted children”.If she could find the abortion center to terminate the life of her child, she could find that same center to get the so called tools.

The Gosnell Case is the rule rather than the exception. The Gosnell case proves that the coat hanger of the past has put on a suit and can be found in abortion chambers around the country and that Ms. Filipovic is newsworthy. Pro-life laws did not create Gosnell, lack of enforcement of the laws did. May that never happen again.

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