Friday, July 27, 2012

It Could Have Been Me

I know some of you may be ready to tell me to just let it go - enough already about Tonya Reaves. And no Reader, I never met Tonya or any member of her family. Her story is haunting me nonetheless, just as the story of Emmet Till haunted me when I first read about it. Some of you may not be familiar with his story. Many of you may not have been born when he died. Like Tonya, Emmett was from Chicago. When he was 14 he went to Mississippi to visit relatives and while there was tortured and brutally murdered. The reports of what was done to Emmet revealed a hatred that could be seen with the naked eye when America viewed his body during his open casket funeral. Horrified by the torture that was evident in his body; many fainted, unable to believe someone could destroy,so cruelly, a life. The racists in Mississippi put their spin machine into motion immediately to protect those that that had tortured Emmett and to deny justice to his mother. They closed ranks, had a speedy trial and acquitted the murderers, none of them spending even one night in jail.

I see that same spirit shrouding the death of Tonya as I watch Planned Parenthood put their spin machine to work, already distancing themselves from their abandonment of this young woman who needed emergency medical care. They are trying to distance themselves from the fact that they kept Tonya in their facility for hours after botching her abortion. Instead those that have been indoctrinated with their message of access and reproductive health care have begun to shift the conversation. This is reprehensible. Abortion friendly media Huffington Post when reporting Tonya's death, inserted a video of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson defending Planned Parenthood, using her Republican affiliation to suggest Planned Parenthood provides needed reproductive health care. This is not the needed reproductive care most women expect from Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider. I do not think there is one woman that expects to be left alone without emergency assistance for five hours after experiencing a botched "safest medical procedures provided in the United States and Canada today".

Pro-abortion writer Amanda Marcotte when writing on had the nerve to try and make this tragedy a question of lack of access and legal obstacles when she said some women are "lucky enough" to get their abortions early. She says Tonya was rushed to the hospital. Rushed. Immediately dismissing Tonya's death as one of the unlucky ones, she goes on a rant against those of us who are fighting to keep Planned Parenthood's diabolical population control agenda from taking more lives of women across America. If the pro-abortion forces are good at anything, it is changing the conversation and turning it away from any measure of accountability for their substandard medical care. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of women have been reproductively maimed many unable to ever have children because of a botched abortion. The abortion industry wants us to forget this and allow them to continue their rampant destruction unchecked. Even if it means some women are subject to the deathly practices of the abortionist.

The accounts of squalid conditions and substandard medical standards many abortionists operate under are prolific. Butchers like Kermit Gosnell out of Pennsylvania who delivered babies alive and then killed them, had unlicensed persons, including high school aged girls, administering sedation and performing abortions on unsuspecting women. Steven Chase Brigham whose license has been suspended in many states, has left a trail of women with cervical lacerations and other damage resulting in hysterectomies. He also employed at least one 16 year old former carnival worker as an assistant. Bertha Bugarin, another unlicensed abortionist who had no medical training was eventually jailed, after performing abortions and allowing a convicted rapist to do abortions in her abortion dens. This is just a few examples of those whose abortion practices have destroyed lives and fertility.

I say no more because you see, Tonya could have been me. I am post abortive. I fainted once the procedure was completed, too weak to walk out under my own strength. I remember the tugging and pulling I felt because I was not sedated enough. I remember hearing the doctor count my baby's body parts with no more thought or compassion than you would give to say a dozen of eggs. I remember how dark and cold the room felt as they ushered me out to make room for the next person, anxious to get finished with the next one. Yes, I say no, because you see it could have been me.


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