Monday, April 25, 2011

Abortion by the Numbers

Before we begin, let us set aside our normal arguments for or against abortion. If we cannot do this, the message will get lost in the rhetoric and we will not be able to see clearly. In order to remove the smoke that is obscuring our vision, let us simply set it aside leaving the rhetoric for another time. When we do, we will find one certain thing - something is terribly wrong. The numbers do not lie no matter how some may try to manipulate them to support their position on this volatile issue. The numbers of abortions on black women, in the states where we can access the data, are so disproportionately high; we must begin to examine the root cause. For the sake of this discussion, let's keep the focus narrow for now, contrasting New York City and Georgia.

In 2009, there were 68203 viable pregnancies among black women of child bearing age in New York City. Of that number, 40,798 ended in one of the abortion centers in the City. In other words more black babies were aborted than born alive in New York City. This is a horrifying number. It actually means that not enough black babies are being born to keep the percentage of blacks in New York City the same as it was reported by the U. S. Census bureau in previous years. I wondered aloud how long the numbers in New York City had been upside down. I wish I had not wondered because as I dug into them what I found has broken my heart and almost my spirit.

The abortion rate for blacks in New York City has exceeded the birth rate for at least a decade. I could not bring myself to look at 1999 and before, because my breath was taken away when I saw the numbers for the past ten years. Prior to digging into the New York numbers, my breath had been taken by the numbers I found in Georgia and it was Georgia's numbers that caused me to take a stand. For more than fifteen years abortions performed on black Georgia women has exceeded 50% and for the past ten years, the numbers have exceeded 55% each and every year. For nine of the past ten years, twenty five percent or more of the pregnancies in Georgia's black community ended in abortion.

New York City has very few, if any laws, regulating abortion. In fact, one opinion piece in the New York Post dubbed New York the abortion capitol of the nation. Georgia on the other hand has several abortion restrictions including 24 hour waiting period, parental notification, ultra-sound and woman's right to know laws. These incremental measures were designed to slow the growth of abortion, however, black Georgia women have consistently lead in the number of abortions for more than fifteen years. The abortion rate in Georgia's black community has not decreased but has consistently remained high. Something is wrong, terribly wrong.

These horrifying statistics have not changed the abortion debate, however, and it continues to be clouded in the rhetoric of abortion rights. Even some blacks have excused the stats, disguising the issue in civil rights terms. Those that have been dubbed by the media and others the leaders of the black community spout rhetoric that encourages rather than discourages abortion in the black community. Black elected officials readily accept money from the largest abortion provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood, and some even stand in the august corridors of the Congress proclaiming a message that again, encourages rather than discourages abortion. The betrayal of the black community runs deep. Even the black media has failed to look deeper than the surface of this issue. They too fail to warn or even call attention to the numbers in a meaningful way.

Right before our eyes is all kinds of information that points to one root cause of the high abortion rate in the black community: eugenics. Those deemed leaders in the black community have failed to acknowledge Planned Parenthood's role in that movement or Margaret Sanger's disdain for the black race. In fact, some even go so far as to excuse her "Negro Project" calling her and the project a product of her time. And many in leadership roles, especially those elected to protect the interest of their constituents, have sold out for peanuts, the lives and welfare of those that elected them to serve. Most if not all of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to continue funding the one abortion provider that has proclaimed to the nation its desire to control the birth rate of the black community through abortion (see Planned Parenthood's 2009 tax return). Yet they want us to believe that CBC Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver II's statement in a April 2011 interview with Ebony magazine to be true: " is our job to ensure that the cuts don't adversely affect minorities and poor people".

In fact, the CBC was willing to allow the government to shut down, standing strong with Harry Reid who proclaimed the budget matter one of ideology over the funding of Planned Parenthood. Not one member of the Caucus pointed to abortion's impact on blacks or Planned Parenthood's role in keeping the numbers high. Instead they toed the party line, willing to allow the depopulation of the black communityt to continue, even if it meant putting hundreds of thousands of blacks out of work. In light of these numbers, where is the action of the black caucus to protect blacks from the destruction of abortion?

Yes, the New York Times and other media want us to believe New York's five percent decline in the black population in the City is due to migration. But those of us that have seen the numbers understand that the truth of abortion's population control impact on the black community. The five percent decline in New York City's population is due to abortion and we must face that fact head on.

The black community must come together and stop this madness. What is the magic number that will cause blacks to take action against this medical procedure that has proven to be the greatest genocidal instrument in America? How long will it be before blacks awaken to abortion's destruction? How many more states and cities need to mirror Georgia and New York City before we stand up and say no more? I pray that the number is 0. What say you?


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Let's Talk About It said...

This is a website of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its' division, Health Resources and Services Administration.

Planned Parenthood is making the claim inferring that their the only game in town for womens health care needs. That's not true. This site confirms that in the Twin Cities and around the country there are 7,000 federally funded Health Centers that will service the full health needs of women and children without performing abortions.

These Health Centers may, or may not refer patients to Planned Parenthood and may, or not per scribe abortifacient drugs. These Health Centers also take patients with or without insurance.

When you get to the site simply type in the city/town/state you want for Health Center locations and they'll pop up!

Notice in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Planned Parenthood is not even listed! So much for women's health! Pass this site on to your contacts and have them contact their representatives and challenge them as to why we should continue to fund Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars!

Use this as a resource to direct abortion vulnerable/ minded women to full spectrum health care and better yet call Pro-Life Action for a list of pro-life physicians! 651-771-1500 ext 202 in the Twin Cities Region.

Brian Walker