Saturday, March 8, 2008

Barack – Uh Uh!

My daughter and I were watching a particular movie one night and at its conclusion she turned to me and said “Mom, write uh-uh across it and mail it back” to the minister that released it. After reviewing the audios of Barack Obama’s comments during a Town Hall meeting at Hocking College on March 3, I find myself in another uh-uh moment.

When I heard that Barack Obama had pointed to the Sermon on the Mount as justification for support of civil unions, I thought he must have been confused since I could not recall anything in the Sermon on the Mount that related to a person’s sexual behavior. Though I am no more a Theologian than Barack Obama is, I am pretty astute when it comes to understanding what I am reading, so I thought I would pull out my Bible and read the sermon again. After doing so, I went to the Internet to see if I could get the actual verbiage he used thinking that perhaps he had been misquoted. I found it and I realized that he had not been misquoted and had gone even further in his commentary by including his beliefs on abortion as well. ( (

After giving it some thought, I reached the same conclusion that some others had; perhaps Senator Obama was making reference to Matthew 7:1-6, the passages that address judging others. Hmmm. That particular passage has been used by some, on many occasions, to obliterate all the other passages of Scripture that reference behavior, whether sexual or otherwise. Even lay persons who are not trained in hermeneutics know to look for more than one passage of Scripture to bring clarity to a matter. There are at least two or three scriptures about same sex behavior that takes the Romans 1 passage out of the realm of obscurity Senator Obama is seeking to relegate it to. So why reference it? Would Senator Obama really want us to believe he is guided by Judeo-Christian values and not the principles of the some other religion, even the one whose call to prayer he describes as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”?

There is one thing none of us can judge – whether or not Barack Obama, at some point in his life, confessed with his mouth the Lord Jesus and believed in his heart that God raised him from the dead. Since the confession is one that is heart driven, only God and Senator Obama can testify to whether it was made or the sincerity of the confession. What we can do, however, is measure whether he has produced good fruit as a result of his confession, for God said you will know the false prophet by his fruit (Mathew 7:16) .

From where I am sitting that fruit is pretty rotten right about now and every American, and every follower of Jesus Christ should be on the alert, heeding the warning that is sounding.

Regardless of which side of the aisle your politics fall on, every one of us should be able to make a ‘righteous judgment” (John 7:24) about the questions that are before us. First, does it matter that a candidate for President of the United States cites only those sections of the Bible that fit his political leanings? Does it matter that a candidate considers the baby in the womb to be nothing more than a decision between a woman, her physicians and her God? I say yes it does.

Somewhere in recent history we saw a turn in our social mores and some would now require Americans to look into the bedrooms of some of its citizens. How else can we tell the sexual orientation of an individual? And, if you don’t care to partake in that particular adventure, you are labeled homophobic or some other epithet and are shouted down. Legislators , many of whom want you to acknowledge their sexual orientation, sponsor legislation designed to force all of America to accept the sexual proclivities of a few. I say yes, it does matter what a candidate’s position is on the issues.

For the past 35 years America has been asked to ignore the medical facts that acknowledge that the baby in the womb is a person. Despite the giant leaps that have been made in the medical profession, we have been indoctrinated to believe that the 4 dimensional child on the film, is a blob of tissue, an anomaly or a fetus. Never mind that the physician that aborts even the youngest baby must count its body parts before it can be determined a successful abortion. Never mind that bags and bags of human body parts have been found in garbage bags outside of abortion sites. Forget that one of the most heinous medical procedures of our time required the baby to be partially delivered before it was stabbed in the head, then pulled from the birth canal. According to some, these facts mean nothing in the face of a “woman’s right to choose”. Again, I say yes it does matter what a candidate considers good policy, especially in this area where innocent blood is shed with impunity. Where does it stop?

It stops when you and I come to our senses and begin to look at the candidates not just through the lenses of their political spin or partisan rhetoric. We must begin to examine the candidates and their issues through lenses that scrutinize the content of their character and clarifies their stance based on a Biblical world view. We can no longer continue to sit back and accept the doctrines that the pro-abortion and homosexual lobbies throw at us. We must no longer accept that our belief that the entire Bible is true is somehow intolerant, homophobic or denies a woman’s choice. We all get to choose the lifestyle, the behaviors, the positions we take. Let us exercise our right to choose to stand on what God says is right, for ourselves, our children, our nation and our government.

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