Saturday, February 23, 2008

Statesmen or Sanger-ites, Who Occupies the Gold Dome?

It has been well documented that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, had Nazi like beliefs. She promoted population control by limiting, through birth control and abortion, the birth of those she considered misfits, weeds and/or impure – her words (see for more information). To carry out her population control plans, her organization, Planned Parenthood has opened and continues to open its abortion facilities in predominantly black, and/or predominantly poor areas of major cities. Some of her racially motivated population control schemes such as her “Negro Project”, launched in 1939, paid black preachers to sermonize her population control message.

Reports are that she had close ties with those who developed Hitler’s race purification program (see Grand Illusions, the Legacy of Planned Parenthood by George Grant for more information). And today, these abortion mills have expanded their services to include pedophilia as they advise young girls to not report the older men that impregnated them(see Spinning their dogma as a woman’s rights matter (i.e. the right to choose what to do with her body) Planned Parenthood has successfully persuaded women to kill more than fifty million babies to date.

In the Georgia hearings concerning the Human Life Amendment there was something that troubled me that I had not clearly identified. It was just this weekend that I finally figured out what it was. It was the glee with which some of African American and Jewish attendees celebrated the abortions they had or were planning to have thereby giving life to Sanger's racist agenda. As mentioned previously, a Rabbi stated that if there was passage of the Human Life Amendment it would interfere with the free exercise of his religion - Judaism. There was a lady of Jewish descent who described herself as the head of a faith based organization who stated she “praised God for Planned Parenthood”.

An African American pastor from the First Iconium Baptist Church outlined his seven steps for keeping the government out of women's business. A young African American mother lamented that her two daughters would not have the option of safe and legal birth control and abortion when they became sexually active if the HLA passed.

Ignoring the question of whether a baby in the womb is a person, these attendees placed their sympathies with the mothers and not one considered the impact of their behavior on the life of the baby. Margaret Sanger and those of her persuasion did their jobs well and their persuasive if not hynotic dogma has won the day. It was a sad day in Georgia that there were no statesmen among the legislators who would champion the cause of life in order to give babies a choice as John Quincy Adams championed the cause of the slaves of the Amistad.

Legislators, such as Ed Lindsey, Chairman of the House Judiciary Sub Committee, hiding behind arguments that there were unintended consequences in the amendment, voted to table the bill, “effectively stopping it for this legislative session”. Stating that “the federal constitution takes precedence in this country over state constitutions and Roe v. Wade is based on the U. S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of the federal constitution”, Mr. Lindsey took the same position of that espoused in the Dred Scott case that defined black men and women as property. He and those who voted with him have relegated Georgia’s babies to the trash cans of Planned Parenthoods abortion mills.

My Pastor’s wife has a saying: I can’t hear you because of what you are doing”. Mr. Lindsey and others who profess to have “deep moral concerns about abortion” betray that profession every time they vote to stop legislation that gives a voice to the thousands of babies in Georgia that are scheduled to be killed through the practice of abortion. I know there are others under the gold dome that support Sanger’s Nazi like position of Malthusian Eugenics with their words and behaviors. The coming days will expose them just as Mr. Lindsey exposed himself.

And as they are exposed it is my prayer that the 57% of Georgians that support overturning Roe v. Wade ban together to elect representatives who will support the will of the people rather than the politics of the day.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post and analysis. We need to vote these pantywaist pipsqueaks out of office, and replace them with some real conservatives, if we can find any.

Jeff said...

A little ironic that Reverend Dr. Timothy McDonald, Pastor of First Iconium Baptist Church, Atlanta is now sponsoring a rally in protest of the killing of Trayvon Martin

saying "We must affirm that all Black Life is sacred, special and important!"

That sounds awfully hypocritical to me given:

From the first link:

"RCRC's Reverend Carlton Veazey & Other Leading African American Clergy & Civil Rights Activists Blast Glenn Beck Rally & Alveda King’s “Freedom Rides for the Unborn” as Insulting to Americans of All Races & to the Legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

Included in the list of "Leading African American Clergy & Civil Rights Activists" near the bottom of the page:

Reverend Dr. Timothy McDonald, Pastor of First Iconium Baptist Church, Atlanta